Noel and Sue Radford celebrate 28th wedding anniversary by buying holiday home & share sweet surprise from their 22 kids

Noel and Sue Radford celebrate 28th wedding anniversary by buying holiday home & share sweet surprise from their 22 kids

AS the parents of Britian's biggest family, it's no wonder Noel and Sue Radford feel like they need a bit of peace and quiet.

In the latest vlog on their YouTube channel, the happy couple revealed they've bought a holiday home as they celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary.

The parents have managed to squeeze their large brood into a 10-bed former care home in Morecambe, Lancashire.

But as the coronavirus crisis wreaked havoc on their holiday plans this year, Noel and Sue – who welcomed their youngest daughter Heidie in April – have decided to invest in a static caravan for family staycations.

While the couple drove to a nearby caravan park, Sue explained: "We're thinking we're not going to get abroad for a while and this seems like the perfect option for us.

"We can just up and go on a Friday after the kids finish school and stay for the weekend and during school holidays."

What's more, the couple said they plan to rent out the caravan to other holidaymakers and let their oldest children and grandchildren stay in it too.

But with a family as big as theirs, Noel and Sue have unsurprisingly struggled to find a caravan to accommodate them all.

Although the couple didn't unveil their new holiday home in the video, they did share a glimpse of caravans they passed up on because they only had two bedrooms.

Giving fans a few details of the one they were considering, the mum explained: "It's perfect for us because it's on a big plot and it's down a cul-de-sac so it's safe for the kids to play outside and we'll know that they'll be alright."

At the start of the video, Noel surprised his wife by filling their living room with pink balloons for their special day.

And when they returned home from the caravan park, the parents had another surprise waiting for them.

As they made their way through the front door, the couple's youngest children lead them to the kitchen where a huge chocolate cake with the number '28' written on the top was waiting for them.

And to make sure there was enough to go around, Noel and Sue's eldest daughters even made some cupcakes and finished off with a sparkler.

After tucking into the chocolate cake, Noel and Sue retired to the sofa where they decided they were going to take the plunge and buy the holiday home.

Having popped open the champagne, Sue said: "The kids are very very excited. And here's to many happy years in the caravan! We can't wait."

And despite the fact they agreed not to get each other presents for their 28th anniversary, Noel surprised his wife AGAIN by treating her to a £570 Tissot watch.

"That is perfect," she said. "Oh my god Noel, thank you."

Sue, now 45, fell pregnant with first child Chris when she was 14 in 1989 – with the couple marrying in 1992.

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