People are turning pumpkins into pretty flower vases for Halloween and they look beautiful

People are turning pumpkins into pretty flower vases for Halloween and they look beautiful

WITH Halloween under two weeks away, lots of us are looking for ways to give our homes a spooky makeover without breaking the bank.

One crafty woman has come up with a cheap way of creating a beautiful decoration using items from her local Aldi.

Posting on Extreme Couponing and Bargains, the shopper shared how she has transformed a white pumpkin from the discount store into a stylish vase.

"99p white pumpkin Aldi, flowers £2.69 Aldi and I had some artificial leaves, used an old jar to put the water for the flowers in!" she wrote.

The Aldi fan was pleased with the overall look, adding: "Really happy with how this turned out and cost me less the £4."

The post was soon flooded with thousands of likes and endless comments praising her creativity, with many saying that they had been inspired to go and make a pumpkin vase themselves.

The Aldi shopper explained that she used a real, white pumpkin, carving out the middle.

She placed a jar inside it for the flowers and water, as a pumpkin may not hold water too well.

Some people shared pictures of their own versions of the Halloween ornament in the comments, using different flowers such as carnations and sunflowers for alternative designs.

Most people had chosen to use warm pinks, reds, yellows and oranges to fit with the halloween theme, while others went for lighter shades mirroring the white of the pumpkin.

One commenter even said she used a white pumpkin filled with beautiful blooms for her centre pieces on her wedding day.

Another said that they'd seen very similar pumpkin vases being sold for £18, and that this one made for a fraction of that price was much more attractive.

There were some questions about how long it would last, but with Halloween just around the corner, we're hoping they'll stay looking fresh til then.

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