Rare Princess Diana pics you might have never seen – from a 1970 family wedding to her eating with William & Harry

Rare Princess Diana pics you might have never seen – from a 1970 family wedding to her eating with William & Harry

NEVER before seen pictures of Princess Diana took the world by surprise when they came to light last year.

Relaxed in a bikini with a drink in her hand, the unearthed photos snapped in 1990, capture her looking serene just two years before her separation from Prince Charles.

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The candid pictures were taken on board fashion designer Valentino’s yacht as the mum of Prince William and Prince Harry soaked up some sun.

But these are not the only shots revealing the private side of a very public Princess. 

Her,The Sun shares rare footage of the most photographed women in the world- as you’ve never seen her before…

1.  Fashion Icon in the making

At just 10-years-old Lady Diana Frances Spencer is a bashful bridesmaid in all white at her cousin’s 1970 wedding, and had already perfected her charmingly shy smile.

2. Camera hog

Bearing a striking resemblance to her granddaughter Princess Charlotte, a 12-year-old Diana shows her animal-loving side as she cuddles her pet guinea pig at a 1972 Sandringham pet show.

The rare snaps from a private family photo album were taken after she won first and second place prizes.  

3. Case in Point

With a pile of cases, this snapshot captures the moment Diana, nine, was leaving for Riddlesworth Hall School, near Dis in Norfolk. 

4. Ponytails

A delve into family photo albums unearthed this beautiful picture of the animal loving princess with Souffle, a Shetland pony, at her mother's home in Scotland during the summer of 1974. 

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5. Bridesmaid

A year after meeting Prince Charles for the first time aged 16, Diana was a bridesmaid for her elder sister Lady Jane in March 1978. 

With a simple clip in her hair and a modest floral dress this is worlds away from her lavish wedding that was to happen three years later. 

6. Looking shocked while behind the wheel

Just days before her engagement to Prince Charles in 1980 was announced to the world Princess Diana was papped outside her Earls Court flat looking shocked to be seen by the paps. 

7. Nanny of the state

Before marrying into the Royal family in 1980 Diana worked as a nanny. 

Taking a young Patrick Robinson out around Eaton Square there was no getting away from the paparazzi. 

8. Teacher

Diana’s last job before leaving for Royal duties was as a classroom assistant. 

Pictured here in Pimlico in January 1981 with two of her pupils Diana had alway shown an interest in caring for children. 

9. Playing puzzles with William

Taken in 1985, Diana and William play games in his playroom at Kensington Palace. 

Capturing an intimate moment between mother and son, Diana smiles playfully at a confused looking William. 

10. With both boys having dinner

August 1990 Diana is seen having dinner with William and Harry in London.  

Wearing a polka dot ensemble the Princess points to something off camera whilst Williams joins in on the fun.

11. Wearing a wax jacket  

Taken not long after Diana wed Prince Charles in the early 80’s she’s seen out shooting with one of her bridesmaid’s Lady Sarah Chatto. 

Looking relaxed and smiling to the camera the pair are near Richmond, South-West London. 

12. Holding a small, swaddled baby

Visiting close friend Carolyn Bartholomew’s newborn son Jack in 1989, her Godson Diana is seen cradling the baby. 

The photo was in fact said to be taken by her own sons William and Harry. 

13. In a sailors hat

August 1986 a smiling Diana is onboard nuclear submarine HMS Trafalgar. 

Getting into the spirit sporting a sailors hat and blue, white and red clothing the Princess stuck to a nautical theme for her day out. 

14. Taxi for one

Slumped in the back of a black cab, allegedly trying to hide from paparazzi, this is a private, low moment for the People’s Princess in 1994, the same year her husband confessed on live TV to his unfaithfulness. 

15. Something to smile about

Diana appears at her happiest in this candid snap of her laughing at an auction in June 1997, almost a year since the formalising of her divorce from Prince Charles.

Sadly this happy moment is just two months before the car crash that took  her life. 

16. Green swimsuit 

Seen in a green swimsuit on holiday in Barbuda August 1997, this is one of the final snaps of Diana smiling before her tragic death later that month.

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