These 7 Bodyweight Moves Can Kickstart Your Home Workout

These 7 Bodyweight Moves Can Kickstart Your Home Workout

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If you find yourself stuck at home—or bored at work, or in an airport, or anywhere, really—you should have an idea of how to get moving in an effective, productive way beyond just jogging in place.

Bodyweight workouts seem simple at outset, but if you don’t have any plan for how you’re going to approach your sweat session, there’s less incentive to get up off your seat and get moving. Make sure that you have a strategy more than just pumping through some pushups until you max out or half-hearted jumping jacks—you’ll be much more likely to actually do something worth your while.

Trainer Charlee Atkins, C.S.C.S. uses her absolute favorite bodyweight moves to string together cohesive routines when she doesn’t have any access to equipment. “I often get asked what my favorite bodyweight exercises are or what type exercises can be done anywhere,” she says. This list answers that question—and the ways that you can combine the different moves into comprehensive, full body workouts.

Start by taking on each movement for 10 reps, then ramp up

To start, you can run through each exercise three times through for a full-body workout. Or, focus on specific muscle groups. Want to blast your lower body and core? Try a routine with just the squat, single-leg hip raise, half-getup, and plank. Or, cut out rest time and recover while you work and alternate between your upper and lower body with a pushup and squat session. Then, you can graduate to even more intense bodyweight routines.

Whatever you decide to do, remember that your effort for bodyweight movements shouldn’t be less just because you don’t have access to equipment. You might be stuck making the most of your circumstances, but that doesn’t mean that you cant make the workout count.

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