These Low-Maintenance Bangs Will Convince You to Get Your Own This Summer

These Low-Maintenance Bangs Will Convince You to Get Your Own This Summer

It's a myth that bangs don't work on everyone.

While face shape and hair texture are often two major factors that influence the decision to get bangs, certain styles, like wispy bangs, are one-size-fits-all. This look is both universal and low-maintenance — as far as fringe goes.

Wispy bangs are exactly what they sound like: light and airy. Unlike other types of bangs, this style describes the technique the hairstylist uses to cut the hair, so they're completely customizable. That's why Priyanka Chopra Jonas's full, airy bangs and Gigi Hadid's center-parted baby bangs are both considered wispy.

The style continues to trend in 2021 as the world opens back up and everyone is looking to make up for lost time by switching up the haircut they had going into the pandemic.

"[Wispy bangs] are an easy way to add style, but not have to commit to something too bold," says Sierra Kener, stylist at Nine Zero One Salon in LA. "And they're low maintenance! They require little to no upkeep if the stylist cuts them right. I suggest getting them trimmed every three to four weeks or when you feel needed."

Universal? Low maintenance? Easy to grow out? Sounds like wispy bangs are training wheels of fringe, making them a great first style like curtain bangs.

So… are you internally debating getting bangs this summer? If yes, we've got you covered.

Ahead, the best celebrity wispy bang hairstyle ideas to inspire your cut.

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Dua Lipa

The singer's long, side-swept wispy bangs give her long, dark hair a '70s vibe. Her stylist Chris Appleton used clip-ins to achieve this look — a foolproof way to try bangs before making an actual commitment.

Elizabeth Olsen

A top knot isn't so basic when it's paired with eyebrow-grazing wispy bangs and face-framing layers. Elizabeth Olsen's hairstylist Mark Townsend created this red carpet updo using Dove haircare products.

Gigi Hadid

The supermodel's wispy, center-parted fringe by stylist Alejandra Hernandez are the training wheels of bangs.

Yara Shahidi

Yara Shahidi demonstrates how gorgeous light wispy bangs look on a naturally curly texture. Better yet, pull your up onto the crown of your head, and you have yourself an easy summer hairstyle.

Margot Robbie

A light, wispy texture as seen on Margot Robbie is a soft alternative to other styles of full bangs. Most often, you'll see wispy bangs hit just below the eyebrow like hers do.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Priyanka Chopra Jonas's full, wispy bangs blend seamlessly into her layered mid-length cut.

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