Trolls see my tight clothes & tell me I need to ‘dress my age’ – they’re shocked to learn I’m even older than they think | The Sun

Trolls see my tight clothes & tell me I need to ‘dress my age’ – they’re shocked to learn I’m even older than they think | The Sun

A FASHION influencer on TikTok revealed the rude comments trolls make when they see her outfits, citing her age as a reason to ditch her pleather pants and sleeveless tops.

Not only did she ignore their "advice," but she revealed her real age to shut them down once and for all.

In her day-to-day life, people often assume Candace is in her 60s. She has over 22k followers on TikTok who know that assumption is incorrect.

A recent video showed the influencer and former model walking into her kitchen in tailored pants, a sleeveless top, heeled sandals, and plenty of jewelry.

"You're 60, you shouldn't wear that," read the caption on the screen. But within seconds, it was replaced by Candace's response.

"I'm actually 75," read the new caption. Candace took off her big sunglasses, looked directly into the camera, and gave a slight shrug as she turned away.


I’m 40 – trolls call me ‘grandma’, tell me to dress my age but I look hot

The nonchalant rebuttal is exactly in line with Candace's other content – her TikTok account is called "Life in my 70s."

Most of her content is about styling pieces from her wardrobe, like faux leather pants that Candace wore with shiny flats, a patterned button-down, and a chic jacket.

"When I was younger I tried out the leather pant trend and for me it always felt like it was screaming 'look at me trying to be sexy,'" she wrote on TikTok.

"This time around I find the faux pant look much easier to style," she continued. "It is very forgiving and a classic style that is just the right mix of current and traditional."

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Commenters thanked Candace for her honesty, and for showing that fashion is meant to be inclusive regardless of age.

"What’s wrong with you wearing that? You look stunning," one comenter wrote.

"We spend our entire lives trying to find confidence, and then are told not to embrace the confidence and acceptance we’ve found in ourselves?" questioned another.

Others complimented Candace's natural fashion sense. One person responded to a post where the influencer asked for feedback on her faux-leather outfit.

"You don’t need help styling," they wrote, encouraging her to follow her instincts. "You are very beautiful."

In the description of one video, Candace told her other followers to embrace their own curiosity toward fashion as they age.

"Reinventing yourself as you age isn’t changing who you are," she wrote, "it just means finding things that work with who you are now."

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