We turned our spooky loft into a lush spa and playroom & added £86k to our home’s value in the process | The Sun

We turned our spooky loft into a lush spa and playroom & added £86k to our home’s value in the process | The Sun

A mum-of-three has transformed her “spooky” loft into a “magical escape" – and claims it has even added £86,000 to property value.

Avigail Adam, 40, a jewellery designer from New Jersey, US, lives with her husband, Tom, 40 and their three children, Leo, seven, Jamie, five and Maya, one.

In August 2013, the couple purchased a four-bedroom, detached property for $650,000 (£564,000) and could see the potential as soon as they stepped inside – but wanted to add their own “unique” twist.

Since moving in, they’ve transformed their kids’ bedrooms with different themes in mind, including an immersive solar system and a cloud-esque room.

In a bid to truly utilise their space, they have also renovated one of their lofts into a fully functioning jewellery studio, which accommodates Avigail’s career as a designer.

But they had something even more quirky in mind for their second loft – an expansive spa and playroom.

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Accessed via a rope ladder in one of their kids’ bedrooms, the space opens into an area filled with natural light through large bay windows and skylights.

Inside, there’s a deep-fill claw bathtub, an ultra-comfy double bed, television and a private seating area.

But the luxury doesn’t stop there, as hidden behind an enchanting heavily patterned door, is a multi-seater sauna.

Filled with lots of greenery and dim lighting, the magical space is truly something to admire – and was created with their bare hands.

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Now, the family believe the renovation – which cost them $35,750 – has increased their home’s value by $100,000 (£86,000).

“It was a huge space that was part of the house which wasn’t being used and we had a vision for it,” Avigail told NeedToKnow.Online.

“The truth is, it came from our imagination and my husband is a true visionary, so is very brave when it comes to bringing our crazy visions to life.

“Officially, it could have been used for storage, but we didn’t use it for anything and rather kept the door shut as it was dark, dusty and very spooky.

“In the beginning, we drilled fibre optic lights from the unfinished attic floor to the kids room, so there was a glistening star effect on their ceiling.

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“We cut an opening for the rope ladder, as well as drilled a hole to connect a tipi swing into our bedroom.

“The ladder was Tom’s idea and I won’t lie, I was sweating a bit when I saw him cutting that square in the ceiling – but he asked me to trust him and it turned out to be a smart move.

“After that, we installed insulation, flooring, drywalls and wood panels for the walls in the spa and sauna.

“After that was done, we got the bathtub upstairs which was a very hard task – but with the help of eight friends, we got it in.

“We hired a plumber to create the installation for the bath by running some extra pipes and we brought in professional window fitters for the skylights.

“It was the one part we splurged on, as it was key to turning around this spooky space with lots of natural light.”

As a final touch, they installed a fireplace, as well as shelves and fitted the sauna.

In the playroom, they kept it simple and painted the walls a light purple, as well as filling the space with antique chests, where they store all their toys.

Overall, the project took them three months to complete.

In a bid to inspire her viewers and share the transformation, Abigail decided to upload a clip touring the space on TikTok (@avigailadam1) – which racked up 2.9 million views and 500,000 likes.

In the clip, she begins with showing the rope ladder, before revealing the hidden space.

As she tours around the playroom, multiple toys can be seen scattered across the floor, as well as a rocking horse and toy car collection.

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Under a small slanted ceiling, the spacious spa is revealed with lots of plants and colourful accessories brightening the space.

In a final clip, she reveals the sauna which is accessed via a small nook lit with fairy lights.

Users flocked to the comments to share their reactions, with many sharing how this is their childhood dream.

Another person added: “Can I redo my childhood please?? Be my parent??!!”

“Omg imagine your imagination growing up here where is this,” someone else said. [sic]

While they’re never far from relaxation now, there were a few issues along the way, including the installation of the bathtub.

Avigail said: “Getting the bathtub up there was much harder than anyone anticipated.

“We got a few friends and asked them to help out, but as it’s made from cast iron, dragging it through the corridor, up the stairs and through two upstairs rooms on the way, was probably one of the hardest things they’ve ever had to do.


Skylights – $20,000

Cast iron bathtub – $1,500

Wood – $6,000

Insulation – $500

Electrical – $1,500

Plumbing – $1,500

Fireplace – $750

Sound – $1,000

TV – $1,000

Misc. (including furniture) – $2,000

Total cost: $35,750

“We’re beyond lucky that only a few scratches to our floor were made and once it arrived, everyone was safe and sound.

“I think it came out perfectly, as it’s great to relax in and we spend lots of leisure time there, either playing or in the bath watching a movie.

“As a family, it’s great while getting all the kids bathed, as they can play at the same time, so it’s killing two birds.

“We really enjoy it when we have intimate gatherings with just a few friends at a time as well.

“Now the hard work is behind us, I can say it was all worth the effort and it’s a magical space that adds a lot to our home.

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“Our home always seems to be a ‘work in progress’ and there are always things being added and changed.

“I enjoy inspiring viewers with our unconventional home design, as I think it’s important when it comes to designing your space to think outside the box.

“Be brave and make sure you’re creating a space that is part of you and expresses who you are.”

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