Woman totally divides opinion after revealing how she gets her kids to do house chores & even makes them pay for snacks | The Sun

Woman totally divides opinion after revealing how she gets her kids to do house chores & even makes them pay for snacks | The Sun

WHEN it comes to parenting, everyone has different techniques and tips they swear by.

But one mum and dad, who are from the US, have told how they came up with a very innovative way to teach their young children the value of money – but not everyone was on board with the idea.

D.L. Peavy and Erica Peavy, who are believed to have three children, took to Facebook and explained: "I stopped giving my kids actual money, it's important that they learn the value of currency.

"It works…They clean their rooms [and] they get paid. Every area of the house is worth money.

"[We] made everything £464 ($500) bucks. We don't give our kids junk food regularly so they [are] working extra hard."

But don't panic, while £464 ($500) may seem pretty steep, the parents went on to reveal it's not real money.


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They then posted an image of a shelf filled with snacks which their kids are available to buy using the Monopoly money they're rewarded with.

The post has been re-shared a staggering 236,000 times and been inundated with thousands of comments – with very mixed reviews.

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Many branded the idea genius and noted how it was a great way to teach their kids the value of money before dealing with cash in the real world.

"We should do this," wrote one, who tagged her partner.

"I think this is crazy enough to work," a second enthused.

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A third penned: "We're doing this but with healthier snacks."

And a fourth added: "I like this!"

However, others weren't so impressed with the idea of paying for treats.

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"My child will never have to work for snacks while he lives with me," wrote one. "I'd swap it out for books and toys."

A second quipped: "My kids would make fake credit cards, max them out and then file for bankruptcy."

A third joked: "This is what prison looks like lol."

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