A$AP Rocky Sweeps Rihanna Off Her Feet During Late-Night NYC Date

A$AP Rocky Sweeps Rihanna Off Her Feet During Late-Night NYC Date

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna are riding off into the sunset — or the sunrise, rather … and we mean it in every sense of the word, ’cause a late-night date night turned into just that.

The A-list couple kept their love fest going Saturday night into the wee hours of Sunday morning … where we’re told they popped up in the lower east side of NYC after a night out, walking hand-in-hand — and, before long, body-in-arms thanks to A$AP swooping her up.

Check out the video we got of that exact moment … it’s like straight out of a movie, and RiRi seemed to be digging every minute of it. Eventually, they drove away in a waiting SUV.

BTW, we’re told this was shot around 5:30/6 AM Sunday — so yeah, it was definitely a marathon date they were on. Eyewitnesses also say they came across a dude who seemed drunk and sprawled out over the floor … to which A$AP/RiRi said … yo, help him out!

Unfortunately for him, his buddies seemed to be starstruck with this sighting … and for good reason. It’s not every day you might spot this — but then again, maybe that’s changing.

Frankly, A$AP and Rihanna have been spotted out and about all over town lately … and are NOT shy to show off their PDA, this weekend included, it seems. They’re clearly gaga for one another — and apparently want the whole wide world to know it.

We hear ya, guys … and we see you too. 💖

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