Asuelu Pulaa Tackles Tammy, Mom to Avert BRAWL with Kalani and Kolini!

Asuelu Pulaa Tackles Tammy, Mom to Avert BRAWL with Kalani and Kolini!

On Season 6, Episode 14 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, things got physical.

Asuelu Pulaa actually tackled his family to remove them from the house during a heated altercation.

Given Tammy’s multiple violent threats towards Kalani and Kolini, it’s good that he didn’t take any chances.

But this could be a rift from which the family can never recover. Take a look:

Kalani Faagata said it herself as their segment of the episode began:

She felt like the devil was at her doorstep.

Considering her previous run-ins with her sister-in-law and mother-in-law, that is understandable.

In town to visit, Tammy immediately began appraising the value of the house and property.

She accused Asuelu and Kalani of having plenty of money … money to send to Lesina, her mom, on demand.

Asuelu noted that he didn’t own the house. Meanwhile, Tammy totally snubbed Kalani.

The family meal started off well enough. 

Swiftly, it devolves into something else when Lesina demands money.

To hear her explain it, family is just a pyramid scheme of old taking money from the young.

Lesina makes it worse, throwing in some real prosperity gospel shenanigans on top of her multi-level marketing scheme.

She says that they will receive divine blessings in exchange for giving her money.

Additionally, she refused to back down on her desire to receive money, give it to her church, and then ask for even more money.

Asuelu decided to distract from this weird, vampiric unpleasantness by having everyone open gifts.

However, while some of the gifts exchanged were fun, Asuelu’s choice was … not.

Whether it was production’s suggestion or his own idea, he gifted Kalani a baby blanket, picking at a sore subject.

Clearly, Lesina had been aware that Asuelu and Kalani disagree on the topic of children.

Asuelu wants to have a third child. Kalanis fine, at least for now, with two kids.

Lesina is on Asuelu’s side … and very much not on Kalani’s.

Lesina apparently thinks that Kalani should meekly obey Asuelu’s wishes as her lord husband or whatever.

That’s what Lesina did, which is why she has NINE children.

That tradwife horrorshow isn’t what Kalani’s looking for, and Kolini speaks up for her sister.

Kolini points out that it’s Kalani’s body, not anyone else’s.

If Kalani and Asuelu both decide to have a baby, they will, but neither can decide that unilaterally.

Kolini is as right as she is stunningly beautiful.

Right in front of Kolini, Tammy and Lesina acted confused why she was speaking to them.

Obviously, she has every much of a right to be part of the conversation.

Increasingly unhappy, Lesina asked her son to just … dump Kalani and find a new wife who is submissive and breedable, we guess.

She asks this right in front of her daughter-in-law, in front of Kolini, and in front of their mom, Lisa.

Asuelu is often a man of few words.

But his next line makes a lot of sense.

He tells his mother that her demand is ridiculous.

Additionally, he reminds her and Tammy that he had asked them to be on their best behavior.

This, he notes, is exactly what he was worried about when they spoke about visiting.

Asuelu has a foot in two worlds, in some ways — his life with Kalani and his family of origin.

Often, he is torn, and seems oddly hesitant to speak up for Kalani.

We can immediately see why he so rarely stands up to his toxic relatives.

In no uncertain terms, Lesina tells him that if he doesn’t agree with her, he can and should STFU.

Seriously, she tells him to “shut up.”

That’s wildly and aggressively rude and confrontational, much like so much of their conversation.

Lesina angrily tells Asuelu that she and Tammy are, after all, trying to help him.

Whether by negging his wife into agreeing to get knocked up again or by encouraging him to find a new wife, she sees herself as Team Asuelu.

In reality, it looks like Lesina wants whatever can best materially benefit her.

Tensions boil over and suddenly, everyone is standing angrily.

Tammy insists that they’re not the ones who are causing trouble.

(They are, in fact, the ones who are causing trouble)

Tammy has made multiple explicit violent threats against members of the family.

She has also physically lunged at Kalani once before, and Asuelu is well aware of this.

So when things reached this breaking point, Asuelu must have realized how bad things could get.

As gently as possible, he stepped in front of his wife and escorted, arguably herded, Tammy and Lesina out.

Notice that he didn’t shove anyone or really drag them.

With a kind of professionalism rarely seen even by career security workers, he simply removed his sister and mother.

Tammy looked, if anything, angrily baffled by what had happened.

It did happen very quickly.

Lesina, in the mean time, was furious, yelling and screaming even after the door closed.

“We don’t like you anymore!” she spat from behind the door.

Whether she was speaking to Kalani or to her son, it’s unclear.

Either way, her goal was to use her words to hurt them. Clearly, it worked.

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