Black Hawk Helicopter Crash Caught on Video, Scary Aftermath

Black Hawk Helicopter Crash Caught on Video, Scary Aftermath

A horrifying accident just went down in northern Alabama — with a combat helicopter falling out of the sky and landing near a freeway … and the whole thing’s on video.

The tragedy occurred Wednesday afternoon in Huntsville, where eyewitnesses say that the military-grade chopper started to descend toward the ground out of nowhere … only to slam and burst into flames along the median of Highway 53.

Fortunately, it doesn’t appear any civilians were harmed in the crash — but the Madison County Sheriff’s Office says everyone onboard perished … it’s unclear how many exactly. Here’s another thing, officials are now confirming this was, in fact, a Black Hawk — which are normally designated for war zones. Some reports suggest it was a UH-60 model.

The moment the helicopter started to descend was partially caught on a Nest home security camera — which actually caught the moment it collided as well … which you can hear in scary detail. This was filmed from quite a distance, but it’s incredibly jarring to watch.

Aftermath footage taken from a closer POV is just as distressing … massive plumes of black smoke erupted from the scene — and first responders were rushing to attend to the fire.

So far, there’s no explanation for why a Black Hawk was in the area or how/why it crashed. An investigation is underway, and cleanup efforts have blocked off all surrounding traffic.

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