Brian Mays wife Anita Dobson left numbed by his heart attack and haemorrhage

Brian Mays wife Anita Dobson left numbed by his heart attack and haemorrhage

Anita Dobson 'went into shock' amid husband Brian May's health battles

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EastEnders actress Anita Dobson has revealed how she was left “numb” after her husband Brian May’s numerous health issues. The star, 72, candidly opened up about being left in shock following the Queen guitarist’s heart attack and brain haemorrhage, which saw her become his “cleaner, cook and carer” as he recovered.

I sort of went into shock. I couldn’t believe it

Anita Dobson

Appearing on ITV magazine show Lorraine today, the actress spoke to stand-in presenter Christine Lampard about returning to work following her rocker husband’s health woes.

Addressing what happened, Anita said: “I sort of went into shock. I couldn’t believe it.

“I was almost kind of numb with the fear that something awful is going to happen to him.”

The star told how Brian’s health problems started after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, initially thinking they could relax following a break from work.

Anita explained: “It was a sort of litany of disasters really when we first got the news that the studios and theatres were closing because Covid had struck.

“You sort of think, ‘Oh, a little respite from work, so make the most of it’.”

However, the Queen guitarist, 74, suffered multiple blows to his health, leaving him in a “bad way”.

“First of all, he got sciatica, then he got a heart attack, and he had a haemorrhage, so he was really in a bad way,” Anita went on.

Speaking about her husband’s health ordeals over the past year, Anita said that nothing could have prepared her for them.

“I mean, it’s funny, because you think you’ll react a certain way when a disaster happens, or when somebody you love is really ill, and sometimes you react completely differently to the way you expected.”

Brian first spoke out about his health struggles in May last year.

He told how he suffered with 40 minutes of chest pain and tightness which transpired to be a small heart attack, leaving him “very near death”.

At the time, the star told how he had been left in shock after the diagnosis as he considered himself to be relatively fit.

Brian added that he’s “incredibly grateful” to continue living his life following the heart attack.

However, it wasn’t Brian’s only health woe as he went on to suffer from sciatica which he spoke about in multiple Instagram posts.

Comparing the agony of the condition to having a “screwdriver” in his back, the rocker was told he had a severely compressed sciatic nerve, which he puts down to his 50-year-career as a guitarist.

Elsewhere, Anita detailed the “nightmare” time she and Brian experienced following his health ordeals, which saw her become his “cleaner, cook and carer”.

She previously told Woman’s Weekly: “[It’s] not a role I’m easily castable for! I did the best I could and thank God he’s all right now.

“He’s very kind. He says, ‘It’s down to Anita that I got through it.”

However, the star admitted that her husband of 21 years could be difficult to live with at times as he was “so grumpy it wasn’t true”.

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