Chef James Martin thanks A&E staff for ‘stitching him up’ after mystery injury

Chef James Martin thanks A&E staff for ‘stitching him up’ after mystery injury

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Celebrity chef James Martin has expressed his gratitude to A&E staff for "stitching him up" after injuring himself.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday evening, the 49 year old wrote: "Thanks to the A&E crew for stitching me up …bloody stars literally… thank you.'

Television personality James failed to mention what the mystery incident was that required him to need stitches at the hospital.

Nonetheless, the Saturday Kitchen star's Twitter fans offered their well-wishes and support, with one person commenting: "What did you do that needed to be stitched up …hope it's better soon god bless my dear x."

Another person added: "I was watching your show a couple of weeks ago while cooking and chopped off the tip of my finger, blood everywhere and pinged like mad, hope whatever you chopped of heals as quickly as mine has."

A third added: "Don't know what you have done but hope you are ok obviously bad enough to need stitches. Take care and hope are soon better."

The bubbly foodie, famed for his comfort grub and traditional British dishes, devastated telly viewers with a culinary streak as he hung up his Saturday Kitchen oven gloves two years ago.

Earlier this year, the restaurant owner spoke openly to OK! about the pressures of his previous TV commitments and told us he's now "a lot less stressed" and "a different person."

He confessed the weekend show was "the last throw of the dice" after the stress of balancing restaurants with home life had left him frazzled and "always in a bad mood."

James, who has penned the cookbook American Adventures, candidly told us: "I am very different to what I was three years ago – I am a lot less stressed. I'm a different person.

"I'm a chef, I've got employees and people that work for me and rely on me, and I owe them so much, so galivanting around for nine months away, I felt the balance wasn't right, and I needed to be there for them.

"It was impacting on everything I was doing, and I was knackered all the time.

"It was a constant spiral."

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