Claudia Conway Says Things Are Better Between Her & Mom, Kellyanne

Claudia Conway Says Things Are Better Between Her & Mom, Kellyanne

Claudia Conway‘s breathing a sigh of relief, and it sounds like her mom, Kellyanne Conway, is too — the update on their relationship status is they’re a-ok … but probably still complicated.

The teen daughter of Trump‘s former advisor — not to mention a rising TikTok star in her own right — took to her fave platform to give her followers the lowdown on where things stood between dear old mom and her. As you know, they’ve had a tumultuous relationship over the past year and change.

Check it out … CC says they’re getting better with one another, explaining they’ve both gotten help they each needed, and are working through their differences. It’s actually super encouraging to hear — seems like the mother-daughter duo have had some solid heart-to-hearts of late.

Claudia also provides a bit of context on Kellyanne herself — without getting into the nitty-gritty — about stuff she herself has been through in her own life … something her daughter appears to appreciate now, and which could possibly explain some of their blow-ups.

Their rocky run-ins are well documented. Between Kellyanne appearing to snatch Claudia’s phone away mid-sentence (and subsequently grounding her from electronics) last October to the even more shouting matches Claudia captured in January … it’s been a wild ride.

The latter situation sparked a brief criminal investigation into what was going in the household, but nothing serious ever came of it. They did seem to make a bit of peace when Claudia auditioned for and actually competed for a bit on ‘American Idol’ — and Kellyanne appeared on the show to support her.

All’s well that ends well … although, that assumes the drama’s truly ended.

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