Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock compare notes on being 'smacked' onstage at secret comedy show, plus more news

Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock compare notes on being 'smacked' onstage at secret comedy show, plus more news
Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock trade jokes about Hollywood Bowl attack, Oscars slap

Days after he was attacked onstage at the Hollywood Bowl, Dave Chappelle performed at a “secret show” at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles on Thursday, May 5, where he was joined for much of the set by a comic with plenty of experience in the onstage-assault department — Chris Rock. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dave had only been onstage for about 10 minutes when he brought up the May 3 attack. As he listed the names of famous folks who’ve reached out to him since the scary run-in, telling the crowd, “a lot of people love me, it turns out,” Chris suddenly appeared onstage and sat down beside Dave on a stool. “At least you got smacked by someone of repute!” Dave joked to Chris, who was famously slapped by Will Smith while presenting an Academy Award at the 2022 Oscars. “I got smacked by a homeless guy with leaves in his hair.” Laughing, Chris corrected him, dubbing Will “the softest [N-word] that ever rapped. Dave also revealed that after the incident, he talked the Hollywood Bowl’s security into letting him go into the room where they were holding the man charged with attacking him, 23-year-old Isaiah Lee. “I needed to talk to him,” Dave explained. He then recounted asking Isaiah why he charged at him. Isaiah, who Dave said appeared to be mentally ill, according to THR, told the comic his grandmother had been “forced out of her neighborhood” in Brooklyn by gentrification and he wanted to draw attention to what she was dealing with. Earlier on Thursday, Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer announced, “My office has filed charges [against Isaiah] alleging battery, possession of a weapon with the intent to assault, and charges relating to interfering with a performance.” Dave was not injured in the attack and the man was reportedly carrying “a replica handgun with a knife,” according to People. Both factors contributed to the charges being bumped down to misdemeanors.

Keep reading to find out why Madonna wants to meet with Pope Francis …

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Madonna wants to meet with Pope Francis ‘to discuss important matters’ … like why she was excommunicated

Madonna would like a meeting with Pope Francis “to discuss some important matters.” Namely: the Catholic Church’s habit of excommunicating her. The “Like a Prayer” singer checked in with the religious leader on Twitter earlier this week, writing, “Hello @Pontifex Francis —I’m a good Catholic. I Swear! I mean I don’t Swear! Its been a few decades since my last confession. Would it be possible to meet up one day to discuss some important matters ?” Apparently, those matters have nothing to do with the pontiff’s recent surgery, his request to meet with Vladimir Putin about finding an end to Russia’s war in Ukraine or various other things Pope Francis currently has on his holy plate. “I’ve been ex communicated 3 times,” Madonna explained. “It doesn’t seem fair.” She signed her tweet, “Sincerely Madonna.” Raised Catholic, Madonna has long used religious symbols and references in her music — often, to the church’s disapproval. After a 2006 performance in Rome that featured her staged crucifixion, “Cardinal Ersilio Tonini spoke with the approval of Pope Benedict XVI,” according to Page Six, when he called the performance “blasphemous” and accused her of “open hostility” for the sake of “publicity.” As for that meeting — no word back from Pope Francis, as of Friday, May 6.

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Pete Davidson targets Kanye West in new stand-up material

For months, Pete Davidson kept quiet as his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian’s ex, Kanye West, attacked him in music videos and on social media. Now, he’s hitting back — with comedy. In a recent stand-up set during the “Netflix Is a Joke: The Festival,” the “Saturday Night Live” star found plenty of joke fodder in Kanye’s past aggressions, according to TMZ. “Does anybody else secretly hope that, like, Kanye pulls like a ‘Mrs. Doubtfire?'” he said at one point in the set, referencing the 1993 Robin Williams comedy where a divorced actor pretends to be an older, female maid so he can visit his kids. “I come home one day and they’re like, this is the new housekeeper. And, he’s like, ‘What’s up fam?'” Pete cracked. He later riffed on reports Kanye once spread a rumor that he had AIDS, saying fellow comic John Mulaney advised him to retaliate by telling people ‘Ye has polio. Pete, 28, was first spotted looking cozy with Kim, 41, in October 2021. Kim filed for divorce from Kanye earlier that year.

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Adele rings in her 34th birthday with friends, a stunning black dress and no sign of Rich Paul

Adele celebrated her 34th birthday on Thursday, May 5, with a look back at the past year and a nod to the future. “What a difference a year makes! If time keeps healing and smoothing out all the creases in my life like it does as the years fly by, then I can’t wait to be 60!” the singer wrote on Instagram, sharing two stunning, makeup-free photos of herself in a sparkly, black minidress with puff sleeves. “I’ve never been happier!” she continued. “So many lessons, so many blessings to be grateful for. This is 34, and I love it here! Thank you for the birthday love as always x.” According to Page Six, a few of Adele’s friends shared photos on their Instagram Stories that showed the singer at “a low-key pajama party.” One person who did not seem to be at her side for the big day, however, was sports agent Rich Paul, who Adele was first linked to in July 2021 before the pair made their relationship IG-official. Photos published by Page Six show Rich partying in Miami on Thursday with his client and friend, LeBron James.The two were rumored to have a hit a rough patch earlier this year.

Jennifer Grey reveals she initially didn’t want Patrick Swayze to be cast in ‘Dirty Dancing’

It’s hard to imagine “Dirty Dancing” without Patrick Swayze as the uber-hunky dance instructor, Johnny Castle. But there was a time when Jennifer Grey hoped someone else would land the role opposite her character, Frances “Baby” Houseman, who falls for Johnny while vacationing in the Catskills with her family. The actress, 62, has been reflecting on her life and career while promoting her new memoir, “Out of the Corner,” and during during an appearance this week on “The View,” she admitted her relationship with Patrick got off to a rocky start. The two had co-starred in the 1984 action flick “Red Dawn.” “Patrick was playing pranks on me and everybody,” Jennifer recalled on “The View.” “It was just, like, macho, and I just couldn’t take it. I was just like, ‘Please … this guy! That’s enough with him.'” Her feelings didn’t change until their screen test. “He pulled me down the hall and said to me, ‘I love you, I love you, and I’m so sorry. And I know you don’t want me to do the movie,'” she continued. “And he got the tears in his eyes. And I got the tears in my eyes — not for the same reason. I was like, ‘Oh, this guy’s working me.’ And he goes, ‘We could kill it — we could kill it if we did this.'” It wasn’t long before she realized Patrick had to play Johnny. “We go in there and he takes me in his arms and I was like, ‘Oh, boy. I’m done,'” she recalled. “There was no competition. He was, like, the easy chair I’d been dreaming of my whole life.” Jennifer previously confirmed to People that she’ll reprise her “Dirty Dancing” role in a forthcoming sequel. Asked how the film will handle Baby’s relationship with Johnny since Patrick died in 2009 of pancreatic cancer, she said the new film won’t follow the same trajectory as the original. “All I can say is there is no replacing anyone who’s passed — you never try to repeat anything that’s magic like that,” she told the outlet in 2021. “You just go for something different.”

Ryan Reynolds says ‘division of labor’ is key to raising three girls with Blake Lively

How do Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively juggle two busy careers with three little girls at home? They divide and conquer. In a new teaser for Season 4 of David Letterman’s “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” published by People, Dave visits Ryan at the home he shares with Blake and their daughters, James, 7, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2. The clip shows Dave and Ryan standing over an array of bowls of food. “You feed the crew,” Dave says, sounding impressed. “Blake, full disclosure, really showed me how to do all this,” Ryan admits. When Dave asks, “Who runs the show here?” Ryan quickly replies that it’s not him. “Blake runs the show, I would kind of really phone things in if it wasn’t for her,” he jokes. Asked if “anxiety would set in” if Blake announced she was going to visit family for a few weeks and expected Ryan to handle all parenting duties for their three kids, Ryan looks briefly stunned. “I would, first off, never let her go visit her family,” he jokes. “If I was just with the girls, I think I would find it pretty exciting … at first,” he continues. “And then it would be ….,” his voice trails off as he waves his hand. “It’s three girls, so … that division of labor [with Blake] is very important.” “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” returns to Netflix for its fourth season on May 20.

Selena Gomez announces ‘SNL’ hosting debut

“Mom…I think I’ve made it 😭.” That’s how Selena Gomez announced her upcoming “Saturday Night Live” hosting debut on Instagram this week. “So grateful and so excited. See you May 14!!!” she added. The news comes amid continually strong ratings — and a rare, 100 percent score on RottenTomatoes.com — for Selena’s Hulu comedy, “Only Murders in the Building,” which features the actress and singer alongside “SNL” alums Steve Martin and Martin Short. Selena’s joined on the 14th by dad-to-be, Post Malone, who will also be making his “SNL” debut. The music star announced on May 3 that he and his girlfriend (he’s declined to name her publicly) are expecting their first child together. “I’m excited for this next chapter in my life, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and for since I could remember I was sad,” he told People, confirming the baby news. “Time to take care of my body and my family and friends, and spread as much love as we can every day.”

Michael Buble reveals he was injured while training with former ‘DWTS’ pro Derek Hough

That’s what you get for hiring a “Dancing With the Stars” veteran to direct your music video! Michael Bublé recently told Entertainment Tonight he was injured while working with former “DWTS” pro Derek Hough and his partner Hayley Erbert on a newvideo for his single, “Higher.” “They broke me. Hayley, his girlfriend, Hayley, who was my dance partner in the video,” Michael joked to ET. “Seven days of rehearsal, lifting her, and she’s a tiny thing, but lift her over and over again, and about two days in, I went like, ‘Oh, Derek, my neck is a little bit sore.’ And I could see he looked at me weird,” the singer said, laughing. “Now I know, months later, that when he looked at me weird, that look was, ‘Oh, s***, you’re in trouble, Bublé,” he continued. “Tomorrow, I go get my second MRI. I think I tore something … I think I tore my bicep,” he added. Despite the nasty track record for injuries sustained on “Dancing With the Stars,” Michael said it’s his “fault” he got hurt. “[Derek] kept saying things like, ‘No, no, no, don’t lift. Don’t lift with your legs …,'” he admitted. “And I was like, ‘How do I lift?’ But I kept doing it. … I’m an old, feeble man,” he quipped. Michael

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