David Dimbleby admits he wont tell wife how he votes despite strong political views

David Dimbleby admits he wont tell wife how he votes despite strong political views

The One Show: Jermaine cuts off David Dimbleby’s COVID rant

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Former Question Time presenter David Dimbleby has revealed that when it comes to politics, and despite having “strong political views”, he won’t tell his wife or children how he votes. Last year the former BBC host was shut down by The One Show presenter Jermaine Jenas after blasting the government for their handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

I never tell anyone how I vote

David Dimbleby

David left Question Time in 2018 after 25 years at the helm.

Speaking about the celebrity panellists who have gone on to appear on the show since his exit, the star refused to give his opinion on them.

When asked whether he now has a “position of neutrality”, the star revealed that he harbours “strong” views on politics.

David admitted: “I do have very strong political views.

“But as with most people, I’m a muddle of opinions, with views that don’t tally precisely with those of any particular party.”

However, the star revealed that he refuses to disclose his political alliance with anyone, not even his own family.

David went on: “I never tell anyone how I vote. Not my children.

“Nor my wife,” he added to The Sunday Telegraph.

Last year, the Question Time host made his feelings on the government’s handling of coronavirus very clear when he appeared on The One Show.

Speaking to presenters Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas, the star didn’t hold back as he blasted the government’s handling of the pandemic.

Despite David coming on the show to speak about his popular podcast, the conversation soon grew heated.

And when David started to criticise the Government’s handling of the ordeal, he was soon cut off by host Jermaine Jenas.

After blasting the rule of six as “meaningless”, the star suggested Germany was one country who had a more effective response to the pandemic than the UK.

“They’re handling it much, much better in a more considered way and listening to what’s said,

“We seem to be all over the place here and I think it’s the Government’s fault myself.

“They began badly and they’re floundering -” David said, before he was promptly cut short by Jermaine.

Jermaine interrupted David’s rant, as he weighed in: “David, we don’t want to get into that, obviously people have got completely different views.

“But I do want to get back to your podcast,” The One Show host said, moving the show on.

After the clip was aired on Good Morning Britain, the show’s former host Piers Morgan soon waded in, admitted that he was “stunned” that the Question Time star had been shut down for expressing his opinion.

Speaking to David, Piers made his opinions clear, labelling the star being cut off over his views as being “a bit like Russia”.

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