Dr. Dre suffers brain aneurysm and more news ICYMI

Dr. Dre suffers brain aneurysm and more news ICYMI

Dr. Dre was rushed by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on Jan. 4 after suffering a brain aneurysm. The cause of the bleeding isn’t known. After news of hospitalization came out, the hip-hop mogul posted an encouraging message on Instagram. “Thanks to my family, friends and fans for their interest and well wishes. I’m doing great and getting excellent care from my medical team,” he wrote. “I will be out of the hospital and back home soon. Shout out to all the great medical professionals at Cedars. One Love!!” While this was going on, thieves attempted to break into his home, knowing he was in the hospital. Police later arrested four individuals.

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Accent issue

The New Year didn’t start off well for Alec Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria Baldwin. In the waning days of 2020, reports alleged that the yoga teacher had been misrepresenting her Spanish heritage and even her name. For years, she’s gone by “Hilaria,” spoken with an accent that comes and goes and perpetuated a belief that she moved to the States from Spain as a young adult. But it turns out her name is Hillary, she was born in Boston and went to high school in Massachusetts (she tried valiantly to clear up confusion, but it didn’t work). In the days that followed, the mom of five was mocked, particularly by the relentless New York media. Hilaria and Alec are said to be “very upset” over the scandal. On Jan. 7, Page Six announced that Hilaria lost a brand sponsorship, indicating that Cuties Baby Care will no longer be working with her. “In response to the inquiries we have received, we would like to inform all of our loyal Cuties followers that Hilaria’s partnership with Cuties Baby Care ended at the end of 2020,” the company said in a statement.

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Divorce coming?

The reports this week were unanimous: Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West’s relationship is hanging by a thread, and the writing is on the wall. On Jan. 5, the New York Post reported that Kim had hired a divorce attorney and was “done.” Other reports claimed the couple is in counseling but noted that divorce is on the table. TMZ reported that the marriage has been in “deep trouble” and that Kim was on the verge of ending it over the summer of 2020. A source told People magazine that Kim is preparing to file. “He knows that she’s done. She has had enough, and she told him that she wants some space to figure out her future,” the source said. “He’s OK. He’s sad, but OK. He knows the inevitable will happen, and he knows that it’s coming soon.” Before the reports surfaced, Kim was spotted without her wedding band, though she’s since been seen wearing it again.  

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New love

We have a new A-list romance. Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are an item. On Jan. 4, TMZ reported that the “Watermelon Sugar” singer attended the wedding of his manager, Jeffrey Azoff, over the weekend in Montecito, California, and brought Olivia as his date. Later, photos were published showing the two holding hands. Olivia just directed the singer-actor in the upcoming movie “Don’t Worry Darling.” A source told “Entertainment Tonight” that “Olivia and Harry are together for long days on set and have gotten to know each other really well, so it’s all very organic.”

Premature death claims

In what will end up one of the more bizarre stories of the year, on Jan. 3, it was reported that former Bond girl Tanya Roberts had died. That news came via her publicist, who claimed that he got the information directly from Tanya’s partner, Lance O’Brien. However, later that day, it was reported that the “That ’70s Show” actress actually hadn’t died and was still in the hospital. In truth, she ended up passing away on Jan. 4. Doctors said she died from a urinary tract infection that developed into sepsis. Still, how did the confusion happen? According to Tanya’s domestic partner, Lance, he said he was with the actress when her eyes rolled into the the back of her head and she passed out. He believed she died. He then called Tanya’s publicist, telling him, “I said goodbye.” According to the rep, Lance also said, “She died in my arms.” Sadley, his mistake became reality hours later.

Concerning news

Larry King was moved out of the intensive care unit of a Los Angeles hospital on Jan. 4 amid his battle with COVID-19. The legendary TV host, 87, was moved to the ICU on New Year’s Eve after having breathing issues. Larry, his rep said, was receiving oxygen but moved after he began breathing on his own. 

Capitol riot

The scenes from Jan. 6, 2021, will unfortunately live in infamy, for that was the day a mob overtook the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. Like the vast majority of Americans, Hollywood reacted in horror at the sight, which occurred immediately after a pro-President Trump rally nearby. The rioters — many of them wearing MAGA paraphernalia — broke windows, stole and destroyed property and trashed offices. Many people, celebrities included, slammed police reaction on social media, claiming things would have been different if the mob was supporting Black Lives Matter. “Just think of the carnage had they not been white. … So many people enabled this,” Chris Evans tweeted. Meghan McCain tweeted, “Lock. Them. Up.” She later added, “This is domestic terrorism. Stop calling it protesting.” Ashton Kutcher said, “Support the peaceful transition of power!!!!!!!! That’s being a patriot!”

Marriage annulled

According to a Jan. 7 report from Us Weekly, Gwen Stefani’s first marriage to Bush rocker Gavin Rossdale has been annulled by the Catholic Church, leaving her free to marry new fiancé Blake Shelton within her faith. “Gwen was told the decision was made by the Vatican tribunal,” an insider told Us. “She will be receiving the notification in writing in the next few weeks, but it’s official. It was a huge relief for Gwen because she wanted to get married by her priest and have the marriage recognized by the Catholic church.”

Maria Menounos is about to be a mom, right? Well, kind of. Earlier in the week on her “Better Together” show, Maria said she was in the “kid phase” of her life and hinted that she and husband Keven Undergaro were expecting multiples. She also said they are likely moving to Nashville. “It is beautiful, [and] we are going to have a family,” she said. “We want to raise them somewhere where there will be kids next door to play with and you’re not afraid. L.A. just doesn’t have that.” Just a few weeks prior in mid-December, Maria said their kids are “definitely showing up next year.” After many media outlets assumed that Maria was revealing she and Keven were expecting via surrogacy, she clarified her comments. “We are still in progress, not pregnant yet!” she told People magazine on Jan. 7. “That’s the plan, and we will share good news when we can.”

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