Escape To The Chateau’s Dick on ‘brutal’ impact of 20 year age difference with Angel

Escape To The Chateau’s Dick on ‘brutal’ impact of 20 year age difference with Angel

Escape to the Chateau’s Dick Strawbridge discusses the future

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Dick Strawbridge, 61, has been philosophical about the future and long-term impact of his age difference with his wife Angel Adoree, 43. The Escape To The Chateau star has admitted he only has “so many years” before he dies as spoke on the brutal reality of their 20-year age gap.

Angela only has so many years of me

Dick Strawbridge

He shared: “Angela only has so many years of me before I turn my toes up, that’s a brutal fact.”

“I have asked for 30 more years,” Angel admitted.

Speaking of where he plans to be buried, the star would like to remain near his home in France.

He continued: “There is no doubt I am going to be planted somewhere here.

“And meanwhile, we are just doing what we do. As we keep saying to viewers, anybody can do whatever they set out to do if they just go for it,” he added to The Telegraph.

Dick also previously revealed he wanted to cool things off in the early days of his courtship with Angel, as the former Army Colonel felt he was too old to have children.

The Escape To The Chateau star explained he would have felt guilty if he had kept his now-wife from having children, and instead encouraged her to find a “young man” to be with.

Opening up on the beginning of their romance, Dick shared: “I was over 50 when I met Angel, and I didn’t ask her age because that was a scary thing to do.

“Our agent had introduced us because we had a similar work ethic.”

While there had been online speculation that he was married to his first wife Brigit Weiner when he met Angel in 2010, the truth is that he’d been separated for a while and was ready to meet someone.

He continued: “So Angel and I had our fun, then I told her it was time for her to find a young man, have children, because I felt I shouldn’t keep her from that.

“And what she said, bl**dy woman, was that she actually wanted me,” he added to You magazine in 2019.

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He mused on this, deciding that, “You’re a long time dead, why wouldn’t you just jump in and live life?”

The couple left the UK in 2015 and relocated to a stunning French chateau where they married the same year, and which later became the focal point of their Channel 4 programme Escape To The Chateau.

Dick had promised his beloved wife they would bring their new home back to life, as they moved into a gorgeous French chateau, after “falling in love” with the property at first sight.

It was a difficult decision at first to move to a new country with their two children Arthur, eight, and Dorothy, seven, but, Dick promised Angel they would be okay despite the upheaval.

The couple also shared there was one particular part of the property they both fell in love with when they first saw it.

They shared: “We have an orangery, with which we fell in love when we walked around the property waiting for the estate agent to arrive.”

Dick became determined the couple would restore the estate to its former glory and transform it into a booming business.

Angel who has a background in interior design, began to channel her passion for home decor into the property and brought her vision to life.

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