Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers undergoes cancer treatment – This years a write off

Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers undergoes cancer treatment – This years a write off

The Hairy Bikers: Dave Myers swears when the rum butter spils

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Dave Myers, who is best known as one half of the Hairy Bikers alongside his pal Si King, has spoken out about his treatment after the chef revealed he has fallen ill. The podcaster, who’s married to his wife Lily, has chosen not to publicly reveal the condition he has and insists “I’m going to be fine”.

The 64-year-old has had his fair share of health struggles over the years after being diagnosed with a cyst on his brain in 1998, and later glaucoma, an eye condition that can lead to blindness.

The chef opened up about his recent health challenges in his latest podcast alongside his Hairy Bikers co-star and shared he will be undergoing chemotherapy.

 Dave said: “I maybe a baldy biker for a while… it’s simply something I have to live with.

“Anyway Kingy, I’ve got to come clean now, I haven’t been too well recently and basically, I’ve got to have some chemo, you know all this anyway, so this year is going to be a bit quiet for me.”

Dave, who appeared on Strictly in 2013, continued: “I’ve just got to tuck in, look after myself, eat sensibly and get over this mess, flog books, and be a happy person so within that, that’s where I am.

“I may be a baldy biker for a while so it’s just a warning, I don’t want to make a fuss about it, I look alright bald actually.”

He added: “Under different circumstances I would embrace it more but I feel under these circumstances it’s simply something I have to live with, get on with it, and crack on.”

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