Helen Mirren recalls sharing ‘tiny tent’ with ex Liam Neeson

Helen Mirren recalls sharing ‘tiny tent’ with ex Liam Neeson

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Dame Helen Mirren, 77, and Liam Neeson, 70, dated in the 1980s and have both been open about their relationship ever since. The Catherine The Great star has now revealed she “liked” camping with her former beau as she looked back on the time they shared a “tiny tent”.

She said: “I once went camping with Liam Neeson, because we used to date.

“We lived together for four years! [It was] Before Liam was the humongous movie star that he is today.”

Helen went on: “We went camping in this tiny little tent, the size of this table, and we drove there in this tiny little car.

“Liam is like 6 ft 4in, his head was touching the top, and he was driving like this (making a slouched body shape).

“We camped in this tiny little tent. It rained all day, every day.

“We were camping in Cornwall, then we went camping in France.”

During her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2019, Helen admitted: “I like camping.”

Helen cheekily clarified: “Well, I like camping with Liam Neeson anyways, and my husband (Taylor Hackford).”

Recently, Liam branded Helen “something else” and a “remarkable woman”, following her confession that their love was simply “not meant to be”.

The Hollywood icons met while filming the hit film Excalibur in 1980, and swiftly fell in love according to the action star.

They were together for just over four years and lived with each other before they split in 1985.

However, the former couple have kept in contact in the almost four decades since their break up, and have been open about their surviving love for each other.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight Canada earlier this year, Liam gushed over his “remarkable” ex-girlfriend.

He said: “Helen is a remarkable woman, a remarkable actress.”

The actor felt he was “so lucky” and “honoured to have spent three or four years with that lady”.

He added: “She’s really something else.”

In November last year, Helen similarly fawned over Liam in an interview with AARP Magazine, saying: “I love him deeply to this day.

“He’s such an amazing guy,” Helen concluded.

Following their amicable split, Liam got married to another English actress, Natasha Richardson in 1994 and the couple welcomed their son Daniel just two years later.

Liam and Natasha remained married until the actress’ tragic death in 2009 and the Star Wars actor has not publicly been in a relationship since.

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