Hopefully Ill be back Jenny Ryan shares disappointing news as Anne Hegerty reacts

Hopefully Ill be back Jenny Ryan shares disappointing news as Anne Hegerty reacts

The Chase: Contestant takes low offer to face Jenny Ryan

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Jenny Ryan, 39, expressed on Twitter her “disappointing news”, finding out she can no longer perform in a pantomime this year. Her co-star Anne Hegerty, 63, who performs in pantomime’s herself, responded to Jenny on Twitter.

Hopefully I’ll be back to fairy tale villainy in 2022!

Jenny Ryan

Jenny posted in view of her 99,100 followers a picture of herself taking part in a pantomime.

She captioned the image: “Some disappointing info for those of you hoping to see me in panto this year – unfortunately, the production I was due to appear in has been postponed.

“Throwback photo of me in happier panto times.

“Hopefully I’ll be back to fairy tale villainy in 2022!”

Anne Hegerty responded: “Hard disapprove.”

The Governess is performing in a pantomime herself this year, playing Mrs Blundermore in Jack and the Beanstalk.

Her panto will be shown throughout December at The Beck Theatre in Hayes.

Anne was not the only one to comment on Jenny’s “disappointing news”.

GymnastPhil said: “Nevermind, just one of those unfortunate things, didn’t even know you’d done panto before.”

D2Rcoaching added: “Such disappointing news for you.

“I hope something equally as wonderful comes along for you in the meantime.”

Carlykinz commented: “Booo. That’s a shame.

“Next year you’ll be back with a bang in the world of panto, that’s for sure.

“Great photo!”

Jenny was supposed to be touring the UK in The Wizard of Oz Spectacular.

Starring The One Show presenter, Matt Baker, the performance turns the classic tale of Dorothy and the Yellow Brick Road into a grand spectacle in front of audiences of 6000 people.

Jenny has a history of quizzing before The Chase with her first quiz show appearance on University Challenge in 2003.

Additionally, she has had appearances on Mastermind, Are You An Egghead? and Weakest Link.

Jenny wrote the questions for the pilot episode of The Chase in 2009, joining the show as a chaser in 2015.

Her nickname on the show is The Vixen, in reference to her red hair, freckles and ponytail.

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