Inside Christine Baumgartner’s $40,000 a month home after Costner divorce

Inside Christine Baumgartner’s $40,000 a month home after Costner divorce

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Kevin Costner’s ex-wife Christine Baumgartner has moved out of his Santa Barbara compound and into a new rental house – just 10 miles away.

It’s reportedly costing Christine around $35-40,000 to rent per month and is apparently similar to Kevin’s own beachfront home.

Despite not owning the one-acre property herself, it’s fitted with everything she needs to help raise the former couple’s three children.

They share Cayden, 16, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 13 together, who’ll undoubtedly be comfortable whenever they come for visits.

The property is located just minutes from the beach on the luxurious coastline of Santa Babara, California.

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It boasts six bedrooms, six bathrooms and hardwood floors, according to People, and has been furnished with local antiques.

Outside, there’s two fire pits, a jacuzzi and a pool house for the family to enjoy in the warmer months.

The home also has a guest house for visitors, though it remains to be seen if Kevin will be popping in for overnight stays.

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A bocce ball court and outdoor kitchen equipped with a barbecue will also ensure the family is kept entertained during the summer.

Finally, don’t expect to get much of a glimpse of Christine’s new abode, as it’s surrounded by luscious greenery to ensure her privacy.

Kevin himself approves of his ex’s home, although he admitted he wouldn’t want to live there personally.

During their child support hearing on August 31 and September 1, he said he “prefers to be on the ocean”.

However, the Yellowstone star also said he’d “like some features of that home” in his own estate.

“I believe they are comparable,” he added. “I don’t believe they are equal.”

Referring to his own property, Kevin said: “I raised three children in that house. It’s a beach house – their hands are in the stone.”

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