Jada Pinkett Smith, her mom and daughter steamed their yonis on Red Table Talk

Jada Pinkett Smith, her mom and daughter steamed their yonis on Red Table Talk

The last time we really talked about Jada Pinkett-Smith is when she admitted her romantic entanglement with August Alsina to Will Smith on Red Table Talk. It was definitely a teachable moment and many people had their assumptions about the Smith’s relationship confirmed. I am sure there have been other things to come out about Jada since then, but nothing has been as notable as that conversation with Will. Until now, depending on comfortable you are with women talking about their vaginas. In a new episode of Red Table Talk, Jada, Willow, and Gammy Adrienne introduce their audience to vaginal steaming. (More on that below.) They’re then joined by author Queen Afua at the Red Table to talk about personal wellness and vaginal health. Below are a few more details via Hollywood Life:

The blonde said it felt “like a little tingle, tingle” during the June 9 episode of the Facebook Watch show, which featured an interview with wellness coach and author Queen Afua.

But, before the mother, daughter and grandma chatted with their guest, they each donned a lilac robe to test out the Goddess Detox vaginal steaming set. Despite saying “Jesus” when Jada told her that they were going to do the process on camera, Adrienne, 67, gamely sat on the bowl filled with hot water and herb teabags.

“This is real queen throne action right here,” Jada said during the steaming session… “This is what I love. Steaming is an ancient practice, which originated in Asia and Africa and it was originally used to cleanse yourself after you finishing menstruating.”

“I’ve read somewhere that vaginal steams are like an aphrodisiac,” she also added. However, the wife and mom said the practice had a deep meaning and that she loved the feeling of “spending time with your vagina to just show it appreciation and care.”

But the actress seemed prepared to face some backlash from Red Table Talk fans as they openly discussed steaming and appreciating their private parts. “I’m telling you right now, I don’t want to hear nothing about this show, it being TMI and all that,” she said. “Because if you can listen to all these little rap artists talk and abuse the vagina you sure as hell can watch women give it honor and praise and spend quality time. So I don’t want to hear it… I don’t really care because we have to change the narrative around the vagina and women have to take it back.”

[From Hollywood Life]

I had my vagina steamed at the Yoni Day Spa in Oakland and let me tell you it really is an amazing experience. I am loving how Red Table Talk is opening the conversation around women appreciating their damn vaginas. The fact that we have to give our vaginas pet names (flower, vajajay, hooha) is already problematic. I am all for Jada and her family broaching such an important conversation not just around female bonding but around reproductive health and pleasure. Our vaginas are not made just for pushing out babies. However there have not been any significant medical studies that prove that vaginal steaming is helpful or harmful. I personally enjoyed it, it was very relaxing. Our vaginas have their own cleansing process so steaming them is unnecessary and can be dangerous if the steam is too hot. For me it was more about bonding with my sister friends and relaxing.

I have also read portions of Queen Afua’s book, Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit. I love her openness about women viewing their vaginas and sexual pleasure as sacred. She does go into some detail about women’s reproductive health but many of her claims have not been medically verified. Is it TMI to talk about our vaginas? I don’t think so. I believe it is a necessary conversation that we should get comfortable with having. I am here for extensive conversations where women learn from each other about taking care of our bodies, especially our private parts. I am definitely going to watch this episode just to encourage black and brown women in particular to have open discussions about their sexual organs and vajajays.


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