Jennifer Lopez Says This 1 Thing Is an ‘Underrated Beauty Secret’

Jennifer Lopez Says This 1 Thing Is an ‘Underrated Beauty Secret’

Jennifer Lopez is praised for looking great at any age. She says she often gets questions about her beauty routine and how she’s able to stay looking so fresh and young. Lopez says there’s one underrated beauty secret she swears by. Here’s what J.Lo revealed.

The 1 beauty secret Jennifer Lopez says is underrated

How does Lopez look so good all the time? She says one of her biggest secrets is getting enough sleep. “We don’t value sleep,” says Lopez in her newsletter. “We value grinding and working hard — and admittedly, nobody gets caught up in that rat race more than me. I’ve found however, that sleep to me is the most underrated beauty secret out there. It’s one of the tenets of JLo Beauty and part of my 5 S’s: Sunscreen, Serum, Supplements, (vivir) Sano [live healthy], and Sleep!” (Lopez learned how to hustle from her parents.)

Jennifer Lopez says adequate sleep is a ‘game changer’

Lopez says it was a “game changer” for her when she began to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep. She noticed that she began to look younger and feel better. She reveals in her newsletter that a health scare prompted her to change her habits and get more sleep. Lopez says she noticed the benefits of taking time to lie down and recharge.

Lopez tells Vanity Fair she has no problems falling asleep. She reveals she doesn’t need sleep aids such as melatonin. Once she goes to bed, she’s out for the night. “I don’t have to take melatonin; I don’t have to read a book, I don’t need a meditation app. I hit that pillow and I’m out,” she says.

Lopez says it’s important for her to take care of herself, especially when she’s filming a movie, because there are days when has an early start time. “You get just a few hours to yourself, to kind of rejuvenate and sleep, and try to be your best again the next day,” says Lopez.

The Marry Me star doesn’t let anything interrupt her sleep. “For me, probably sleep is the most important thing,” Lopez tells the publication. “That’s the one thing I don’t let get interrupted.”

Jennifer Lopez says she’s all about ‘pro-living’ instead of ‘anti-aging’

In her newsletter, Lopez told her fans about a health scare that led her to change her lifestyle and get more sleep. She says that time in her life made her focus more on living a healthy life as opposed to becoming obsessed with anti-aging. (Here’s a look at Lopez’s daily morning practice.)

“As I slept more and took care of myself, I realized it was about pro-living versus anti-aging,” says Lopez. “That’s when I knew I needed to share this with the world with my beauty and wellness line. I think of sleep like a little time machine. You lay down and you go into a space where you preserve yourself and then you come out a new, younger person than you were before. Sometimes I wake up and say, “Wow! I just lost 10 years off my face! That’s what a good night’s sleep can do for you, and it accumulates over time.”

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