Jeremy Clarksons daughter, 27, bares all in little more than body paint for catwalk show

Jeremy Clarksons daughter, 27, bares all in little more than body paint for catwalk show

Emily Clarkson reveals dad Jeremy is 'on the mend'

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Emily Clarkson, 27, was painted orange and pink before strutting her stuff in an almost naked catwalk at the weekend. The author looked sensational as she appeared in a show at a London hotel organised by artist Sophie Tea — who specialises in painting nude women of all sizes to promote healthy body image. 

Sharing a photo on Instagram from backstage at the event, Emily typed: “I do not even get naked in gym changing rooms. What I did yesterday was about as far from a comfort zone as you could get me. And today I feel FREE.

“You know it because I’ve said it a million times – I f***ing hated my body. All of it. And for years I was at war with myself; daily battles raged as I tried the next thing and the next thing in a constant bid to change and shrink myself.

“As I was being painted yesterday I just kept thinking: this is for her. For the me with my arms strapped across my stomach, hating summer, sweating under too many layers.

“For the girl who stood in front of the mirror pinching so hard at her fat angry welts appeared. For her hunger and her sadness. For me of then, and those of now; still fighting,” she added.

The activist admitted she had never felt “so proud” of herself for having the confidence to take part in the show as she now fully embraces her physique.

She continued: “I have never, in my life, felt such astonishing synergy as when my vulnerability smashed into my confidence.

“I have never, in my life, felt strength so palpable. These f***ing women guys, they RADIATED power. They were f***ing incredible.”

Others who appeared alongside her were cancer survivor, Georgie Swallow, personal trainer, Carly Rowena, and crohn’s sufferer, Beck (also known as @thebaglifeofbeck).

Emily told The Daily Mail: “I hope everyone who watched the show was able to see themselves represented.”

In response to her appearance, users on social media congratulated the star for promoting body positivity.

One said: “You are amazing!”

Another replied: “It was pure magic!”

While a third commented: “So amazing to get to be there yesterday!! Was insane to watch so awe-inspired by all the women and Sophie!! You slayed the catwalk!”

Last year, the daughter of famous petrolhead Jeremy spoke about the effects of filters on social media and how they impact people’s body image.

She posted a series of images showing how easy it is to alter your appearance with editing apps.    

The teeth were whiter, nose neater, eyes bigger, hair longer, which many are able to achieve themselves online these days.

“When you start down this route, the changes are subtle. You’re just getting rid of a spot or the bags under your eyes. 

“You’re seeing what you’d look like with red hair, or blonde hair. It’s harmless. It’s fun. But then you’re on a slippery slope,” admitted Emily to the aforementioned publication.

The 27-year-old is the daughter of Jeremy’s second wife Frances Cain, and also has siblings Katya and Finlo.

The former Top Gear host split with Frances back in 2014 and is now dating Lisa Hogan.

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