Kim Kardashian: Dating CNN Anchor Van Jones?!

Kim Kardashian: Dating CNN Anchor Van Jones?!

While her divorce from Kanye West might not be finalized yet, Kim Kardashian ia already living the single life in a number of significant ways.

For one thing, Kim is posting nude photos again, and for that, we are eternally grateful.

On top of that, it seems that Kim is very slowly dipping her toe back into the dating pool.

Last week, Kim traveled to Miami with some friends.

Insiders say she didn’t hook up with anyone, but seemed to enjoy partying with single men guilt-free.

Of course, even though it looks like Kim is planning to enjoy being single for a while, a single Kardashian means non-stop dating rumors in the media, and Kim has already been reminded about that pesky little fact of the unattached A-list life.

But hey, at least the media is pairing her up with high quality partners who are appropriate to the stage of life she’s in.

According to a new report from Page Six, Kim is romantically involved with CNN anchor and former advisor to President Obama, Van Jones.

“A new burble’s coming out of the Kim Kardashian klub. Throats are clearing throats after whispering the name Van Jones,” reads a new item from New York Post gossip columnist Cynthia Adams.

“Nice-looking. Political reporter. CNN talker. So left, his car won’t even turn right. Who knows, but he maybe even influenced her politics,” Adams continued.

“He maybe even has ties to show business types.”

We’re not really sure how to make sense of that word salad, but it seems Page Six is suggesting that there’s more to Kim and Van’s relationship than just a casual fling.

So far this hearsay doesn’t seem to have a whole lot backing it up.

Basically, Kim and Van know each other, and people think it would be funny if she went from a MAGA guy like Kanye to someone who used to work for Obama.

(Although it’s worth remembering that Van is the guy who famously said of Trump’s first State of the Union Address “he became president to me, in that moment.”)

Anyway, folks have been combing through Jones’ social media accounts for any sign that he’s in a new relationship, and they think they found what they were looking for in the form of a meme about the importance of habits.

“It’s the small habits,” the meme reads.

“How you spend your mornings. How you talk to yourself. What you read. What you watch,” it continues.

“Who you share your energy with. Who has access to you. That will change your life.”

We guess it’s the part about “who has access to you” that has fans convinced that Kim and Van are an item.

It’s an indicator of how much Kim fans want these two to be a couple.

And we don’t blame them.

Kim is studying to become a lawyer these days, and the support of a stable intellectual like Van is probably exactly what she needs.

Whatever the case, she should take this rumor as a compliment.

After all, it wasn’t all that long ago that the media would have been pairing Kim off with, like, Chet Hanks, or something.

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