Love Island viewers left cringing as new girl AJ Bunker tells boys eyes on the prize

Love Island viewers left cringing as new girl AJ Bunker tells boys eyes on the prize

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Love Island saw new single AJ Bunker enter the villa on Wednesday night, but some viewers couldn't stop cringing at her opening line "eyes on the prize".

Hair extension technician AJ, 28, was brought in after Brad McClelland's shock dumping, meaning Lucinda Strafford, who he left behind, has extra competition for coupling up and staying on the show.

However, it might be Faye Winter who really needs to watch her back, as AJ admitted in her intro that Teddy Soares was "a bit of me" and didn't mind telling Faye that she wanted to get to know her man a little better.

AJ made her dramatic entrance by striding towards the fire pit to meet the boys over a bottle of prosecco, while the girls stood on the balcony above, watching her arrival.

Her opening line certainly didn't go down well as she told the Islanders: "Eyes on the prize, boys."

Lucinda, watching from above, asked the other girls: "What does that even mean?"

Some viewers were equally unimpressed as one person tweeted: "Spent my time searching for my recoiled toes after hearing ‘eyes on the prize boys!’ I think I threw up a bit in my own mouth too…."

Someone else added: “Eyes on the prize boys!” “Get that Prosecco poppin!” SPEAK REGULARLY AJ I BEG OF YOU she sounds like a BBC presenter."

Another Love Island fan commented: "which producer told her to say eyes on the prize."

But that didn't necessarily mean they were on Lucinda's side, as plenty of people questioned why she was so invested in AJ's arrival when she was supposed to be mourning the dumping of Brad.

Lucinda and Brad were voted the least compatible couple and told that one of them would have to leave the show – and Brad offered to let Lucinda stay for longer by volunteering to go.

The pair had insisted they were a happy couple and devastated to be split up, but viewers questioned Lucinda's reaction to AJ.

One person tweeted: "Why Lucinda was concerning herself with how AJ greeted the boys is beyond me. She let her man leave the villa on his own so s#%$ doesn't apply to her anyway"

Someone else asked: "Love how Lucinda is jealous of AJ. Like girl thought you were still pining over Brad?"

Meanwhile, Brad has claimed he wants things to work in the outside world with Lucinda and will wait for her to leave the villa.

He said: "If Cinds leaves single, I’ll be straight in her DMs, I’ll get myself down to Brighton and see if we’re going to go for an ice-cream along the beach."

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