Lucy Mecklenburgh shares close-up of nursery crammed full of baby products and racks of cute outfits

Lucy Mecklenburgh shares close-up of nursery crammed full of baby products and racks of cute outfits

Lucy Mecklenburgh is in nesting overload awaiting the arrival of her first child with Ryan Thomas so took to Instagram to answer some of her follower's questions.

The reality TV beauty has already showed off the stunning transformation of her nursery for her son, but gave fans a close-up look at the products that she plans to use when they bring home their new arrival.

Among the drawer full of cloth nappies and racks of blue-themed outfits, Lucy shared drawers crammed with body lotions and oils for her and her baby, bathtime toys and tubs of nappy soothing nappy creams.

Lucy, 28, has been taking to social media regularly while she waits to go into labour, and as well as updating fans on her Results With Lucy fitness platform she also gave an insight into all the products she had stocked up on to use.

Keeping her options open the former TOWIE star had drawers full of different items all neatly labelled.

In one drawer body lotions and oils range from Burt's Bees, Palmer's Baby Oil (£4.75), Green People's Organic Babies Softening Baby Lotion for £11.50 a tube, £22 vegan friendly body and scalp massage oil by Petit Jovial, and Little Butterfly London's dew drops body lotion (£23.50) and baby massage oil (£19.50).

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In another drawer labelled hair and body wash, Lucy has stocked up on products from the same brands including Organic Babies body wash and shampoo, Petit Jovial's nourishing bath oil and Little Butterfly London's top to toe wash.

Along with the toiletries, Lucy had amassed an interesting collection of assorted rubber ducks to keep her son entertained in the bath.

Making sure she wouldn't need to pop out to the shops to replace an empty container the mum-to-be had piled up on a variety of nappy creams.

Relying on trusty Sudocream, Lucy had different sized tubs of the product as well as more items from her favourite brands.

Lucy was also well prepared when it came to nappies, with an entire drawer stuffed full with them ready to grab at a moment's notice while changing her baby.

The mum-to-be also showed off a string of adorable baby jackets hanging in a wardrobe in different colours and types as well as a rack full of blue, white and grey outfits hung up in the closet.

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There was also a box of blankets and on the dresser a day bag ready with nappies, a changing mat and wipes.

Earlier this month Lucy shared a picture of herself in the nursery, which features a modern wardrobe, chest of drawers and toys.

Lucy has been busy while patiently waiting for her new arrival, which is due any day, sharing with her followers on Instagram Stories how she had gone into "nesting overload".

Recently she packed a hospital bag full of baby clothes in labelled plastic ziploc bags and shared a close-up of all the labels which included bibs, hats, baby grows, vests and a specific 'going home outfit'.

Revealing the extremely organised Burberry case, Lucy giggled as she said: "Ryan thinks I've actually lost the plot! This is what I'm spending my evening doing, labelling [baby] clothes for my hospital bag."

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