Mark Wright ‘sick of the constant scrutiny on his marriage’ to Michelle Keegan

Mark Wright ‘sick of the constant scrutiny on his marriage’ to Michelle Keegan

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Mark Wright felt compelled to silence critics last week, who have questioned his relationship with Michelle Keegan, saying, “Nobody needs to know how much Michelle and I see each other.”

The 34-year-old hit back because the couple, who married in 2015, have been targeted by constant scrutiny about time spent apart due to their work commitments – and even matters as private as if they plan to have children.

Now, a source has told new that the former TOWIE star and the actress are sick and tired of having to defend every facet of their relationship from where they live and how much time they spend together to if they’re going to become parents.

“Mark is sick of the constant scrutiny of his marriage,” the source told us. “They get it from all angles, including friends and family who question how often they’re together.”

The source went on to say that Michelle, also 34, has been very supportive of her husband after the difficult year he has endured, which saw his family devastated by Covid, culminating in the death of his beloved Uncle Eddie. “He’s been tested with so much stuff family-wise and what people don’t realise is that, behind the scenes, Michelle has been his rock, his shoulder to cry on and the one to lift him up and support him,” our source said. “This year has been really hard for him.”

Both Mark and Michelle have previously felt forced to speak up in defence of their six-year marriage. Mark has said they always make spending so much time apart due to their individual filming commitments work and that “people don’t need to worry” about their relationship.

He explained, “We both work hard, she works hard – there are no rules in life are there? I might see her for five days, go to work for a day then see her for another five. We see each other plenty.”

Our source explained why Mark felt particularly inclined to speak out this time. “He wants to show support to Michelle more than anything. He wants to defend both of them. He knows Michelle gets backlash about working so much but he’s proud of her. He knew how important her career was to her when they married,” the source said.

It comes after Michelle also voiced her opinions on those asking whether working abroad had put a “strain” on their marriage. “Going away for work is never seen as a good thing, only as a negative and I don’t understand that,” the former Corrie star fired back. “Are you seriously supposed to turn down work in case it impacts your marriage? I find it ridiculous.”

The actress has also vented her frustration at being asked if she and Mark are planning to have children, admitting the questions affect her “so much”. She added, “Mark is asked about it occasionally but I’m asked every single time.” She added that it is nobody’s business “what goes on behind closed doors”.

Another concern for the couple is the continual delays plaguing the build of their £3.5 million dream home in Essex. They began working on their house a year ago, but it looks like it will be at least two years until they can move in as the construction work has repeatedly been delayed. Despite the inevitable stress of the hold-ups, the pair insist their relationship has never been better.

Hang on in there guys – it will be worth it in the end!

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