NFL's Nyheim Hines Cops Scary 'Candyman' Cleats, 'Be My Victim'

NFL's Nyheim Hines Cops Scary 'Candyman' Cleats, 'Be My Victim'

Don’t be in front of a mirror when you read this …

Indianapolis Colts star Nyheim Hines just copped some dope custom cleats of one of the most terrifying slasher movie icons of all time — the Candyman!

TMZ Sports has learned Hines wanted to get some unique spikes made for Halloween … and was debating between two characters, the Candyman and Michael Myers.

So, Hines hit up artist Rodney Jackson in Virginia … and with Myers being done so many times, the two decided to go with the Candyman theme — and they came out AWESOME.

One of the spikes has the Candyman with bees coming out of his mouth — a reference to a spooky scene in the 1992 film (no spoilers here!).

On the other cleat, there’s another depiction of the Candyman — along with the quote, “Be my victim.”

The Adidas cleats also feature fur on the back, which resemble the fictitious killer’s coat.

Hines also got some non-scary cleats made … we’re told the 24-year-old had Jackson deliver him blue feet heat that features some of his favorite cartoon characters, Spongebob and Patrick.

The Colts might be 0-3 to start the year … but Hines ain’t losing the cleat game anytime soon.

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