Pete Davidson to scrap Kim Kardashian jokes in SNL appearance

Pete Davidson to scrap Kim Kardashian jokes in SNL appearance

Met Gala 2022: Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson pose together

Pete Davidson, 29, ignited the internet in late 2021 when it was revealed that he was dating newly-single Kim Kardashian, 42.

The pair’s short-lived romance only lasted nine months when in August last year they reportedly agreed to “drop everything” and “move on”.

Despite having made light of his previous A-list break-ups in his comedy shows, the comedian will reportedly not be bringing his most recent relationship to the SNL stage.

A source told Page Six that Pete is “being a gentleman” and wants to avoid mentioning the Hollywood socialite when he hosts Saturday Night Live on May 6.

The source added, referring to the public insults and threats hurled at the actor by Kim’s former husband Kanye West: “[He’s respecting the fact] her team is so protective of her image and it was so volatile from Kanye’s side.”

They also highlighted that Pete had not mentioned Kim in his stand-up shows following the breakup, a moral sticking point he seemingly missed following his break up with Ariana in 2018.

The comedian came under fire when he joked about Ariana “spray-painting herself brown” and saying she had “ruined Starbucks” for him.

However, Pete had prefaced the joke by saying that he originally wasn’t going to mention it, but was told the Bang Bang singer “dated you as a distraction”, making him “think it’s fair game”.

Pete recently opened up on how his eight-year stint on Saturday Night Live affected his mental health telling John Bernthal on the Real Ones podcast: “When your own show [pokes fun at you]. . . you’re like, ‘I’m a f**king loser, man’.”

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The comedian admitted he entered comedy by making jokes at his own expense as he was following the footsteps of his comedy idols like Dave Chapelle, however as his career took unprecedented turns in the public he admitted this approach “turned on me”.

Pete candidly admitted it feels “humiliating” that the caricature of himself he played on SNL is now “what Oscar winners think of me”.

He shared: “These last couple of years I’ve been trying to dial it back. I’m trying to just share when it feels appropriate.”

Pete also claimed he finds the public interest in his love life particularly “confusing”, saying: “These people I’ve dated. I met them at work. I wasn’t in anyone’s DMs. No one was in mine.

“That’s just who I was working with. That’s who I was around. That’s how it happens.” has approached Pete’s representatives for comment.

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