Piers Morgan pulls out of TV show as hes reduced to gibbering wreck

Piers Morgan pulls out of TV show as hes reduced to gibbering wreck

Piers Morgan, 58, has taken to Twitter to explain why he won’t be making an appearance on Talk TV’s Uncensored tonight.

The outspoken broadcaster revealed to 8.4 million followers: “UPDATE: Some dodgy sushi has rendered me a puking gibbering wreck (which is why I looked so queasy on air last night) so I won’t be hosting @PiersUncensored tonight.”

He added: “My colleagues @MrHarryCole & @KateEMcCann are kindly stepping into the hot seat.”

The star’s admission immediately caused a flurry of responses, including one from @PaulChantler, who advised: “Stick to fish and chips next time you fancy seafood!!”

Piers previously shared his love for sushi during the pandemic, when he revealed that wife Celia Walden had been preparing it for him as a way to get him onto a healthier diet.

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However, he mischievously captioned one image of himself tucking into it: “I like sushi, don’t get me wrong.

“But more as a canapé than a lose-the-lockdown-lard ‘dinner’. cc @celia.walden.”

Over the years, he’s also been spotted at sushi bars including Sticks ‘n’ Sushi in Chelsea, West London, and Lure Fishbar in New York’s Soho.

However, there is no suggestion that it was one of those locations that gave Piers his debilitating bout of food poisoning.

The star seemed subdued on his Twitter account earlier today as he shared the bad news, and many of his devotees sympathised.

@WestminsterWAG wrote in horror: “Nothing worse than food poisoning” and urged him to make a rapid recovery.

@MarkStanford 05 chimed in: “Missing the 1 year anniversary of the show and channel. Get well soon!”

Meanwhile, it seemed that @ochristian_84 couldn’t resist a pun of the culinary variety, quipping: “Let’s hope it’s only tempura-ry and, alas, you’ll rice and shine to host again tomorrow!”

In other food news, back in 2021 Piers made a saucy suggestion to his pal Pamela Anderson on Twitter, after she suggested that vegans made better lovers.

A committed meat eater himself, Piers disagreed with her claim that vegans had more stamina in the bedroom, and cheekily asked: “Want to test the theory?”

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