Prince Harry ‘annoyed’ Jordan Banjo’s bandmate with cheeky comment

Prince Harry ‘annoyed’ Jordan Banjo’s bandmate with cheeky comment

Prince Harry’s path crossed with Jordan Banjo and his co-stars from dance troupe Diversity during the Invictus Games charity event – and he took the opportunity to have a chat.

However, he then ribbed Jordan’s bandmate Perri Kiely about his height, despite admitting that he realised his words could annoy the dancer.

Jordan spilled in a previous exclusive interview with, revealing: “I’m pretty sure he said something along the lines of ‘Ahh, you’ve grown!’

“Then he said ‘You must get so annoyed with people saying that to you’ – and [Perri] cracked up because that’s all people said to him every single day.”

The world was first introduced to Perri when he was a young teen screened on the Royal Variety Performance way back in 2009.

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Perri, Jordan, his brother Ashley and a selection of others comprised the dance act Diversity, which was a winner at Britain’s Got Talent that year.

However, the then-diminutive dancer has had a huge growth spurt since then, leaving Harry to marvel at the transformation.

Despite the royal’s teasing comments, Jordan assured that there are absolutely no hard feelings between himself, or Perri, and the royals.

“Harry’s always been like the coolest dude to us, positive, telling us how much he loves Diversity,” he exclaimed.

When questioned on Harry’s decision to leave the Royal Family and move to the USA, he stated: “I think everyone should just be happy, man.”

“I know that sounds like such a blasé statement, but….!”

As part of Diversity, Jordan has taken part in three Royal Variety Shows and even the Invictus Games.

Now, of course, he’s starting the next chapter in his career, with a starring role in I’m A Celebrity South Africa alongside the likes of Carol Vorderman, who has described him as her “jungle son”.

Carol is another person he’s maintained an affectionate relationship with, as his brother Ashley confirmed to last week that they’ve been “family friends” for years.

The debut episode of I’m A Celeb All Stars 2023 kicks off tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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