Royal fans are convinced King Charles’ security are using fake hands – watch clip

Royal fans are convinced King Charles’ security are using fake hands – watch clip

People are convinced King Charles III's bodyguards are using fake hands after clips went viral on social media.

The new King has been seen greeting crowds over recent days flanked by security personnel.

Videos circulating online focusing on the hands and arms of these bodyguards have suggested they are fakes and being used as decoys for hidden weapons.

In one clip showing close ups of two members of security, an "inanimate" hand doesn't appear to move and the "strange" movement of one bodyguard's arm is also questioned, while an apparent coat "bulge" is highlighted as well.

Another, titled "What's going on with the Bodyguard's hands?", shows the curious positioning of one of the men's hands, which are held together in front of him with his fingers pointing out.

The clips, which were shared on TikTok, have divided opinion online.

Many seemed to believe the guards were holding guns hidden under their coats.

One commented: "This is common knowledge" while another wrote: "this is not a new thing… security teams have been doing this for years".

A third added: "Real hand is already on his gun incase", a fourth posted: "Lol why are people questioning it. It’s established that this happens" and another commented: "other hand is inside his coat ready armed".

Others were more sceptical, with one person commenting: "Some people have way too much time on their hands" and another posting "Bro people make conspiracies about everything."

A third wrote: "Looking way too much into this".

Charles, 73, has had a busy start to his reign as King since the death of his beloved mother Queen Elizabeth II on 8 September.

His public life and duties have changed drastically and, as the oldest monarch ever to accede the throne, he has grappled with an enormous workload – all while mourning and coming to terms with his personal loss.

Royal expert Jennie Bond told OK! it has been a "relentless" period for the King and Queen Consort.

She said: "They must be completely exhausted, emotionally and physically. They are no spring chickens, and Camilla is older than Charles – she’s 75.”

Along with his beloved wife Camilla, Charles has travelled all over Britain to fulfil numerous public commitments that have been years in the planning, so has not had the luxury of retreating from the limelight to mourn his mother.

Jennie said: "Most people who have lost their beloved mother would want to hide away, but he hasn’t been given that opportunity.

"He’s waded into the crowds from the very first time he got out of the car at Buckingham Palace and has continued to do that everywhere.

"I think it’s been very important to him to acknowledge the love and affection that the people have shown to his mother."

Following the Queen's state state funeral on Monday, the Royal Family are now observing their own period of mourning for another seven days.

During this time, members of the Royal Family are not expected to carry out official engagements.


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