Seven Die in Russia After Drinking Hand Sanitizer

Seven Die in Russia After Drinking Hand Sanitizer

It’s not exactly following President Trump‘s musings about drinking bleach, but it’s in the ballpark … 7 people are dead after drinking hand sanitizer … because they ran out of booze.

It happened in Russia, where 9 people were apparently partying, and when the alcohol ran dry, they pulled out an antidote for coronavirus. But, these folks weren’t interested in cleaning their hands … they wanted a swig or 2.

The victims ranged in age from 28 to 69. Two more victims are in the ICU, in a coma.

The Russian government warned its citizens not to drink the sanitizer, which is manufactured inside the country.

A criminal investigation has been launched, although it’s unclear what crime may have been committed, unless extreme stupidity is a crime in Russia.

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