Shailene Woodley immediately moved in with Aaron Rodgers when they began dating

Shailene Woodley immediately moved in with Aaron Rodgers when they began dating

Shailene Woodley covers the latest issue of Shape Magazine. She’s promoting her new Netflix movie, The Last Letter From Your Lover. Shape tries to make Shailene sound like a throwback to another time by… noting that she “still carries a flip phone.” End of list! She’s not really a throwback, she just carries a flip-phone and more power to her. She’s also being interviewed because she collaborated with a South American company (Karun) which recycles ocean microplastics (all of the plastic debris in the oceans) and turns the plastic into sunglasses. And of course, she also chats about Aaron Rodgers, her fiance. Some highlights:

Her collaboration with sunglasses company Karün, which upcycles microplastics: “Those microplastics — there’s no way we will ever clean them up. No matter how many eyeglasses we make. No matter how many other material goods we create using them…..What we can change is consuming that plastic in the first place. I’m always much more focused on the human side of the environmentalist mission because until we address that, nothing will happen.”

Her new Netflix movie, The Last Letter From Your Lover: “Our classic stories of love at first sight and soulmate kind of love are just not something a lot of people get to experience.”

Her relationship with Aaron Rodgers. “Starting a relationship where you immediately move in with someone — because it’s a pandemic and you can’t just get on a plane and go back and forth on weekends — taught us a lot about each other very quickly. We jumped in headfirst and got some of the sticky bits out of the way early.” It’s not something Shailene foresaw in those first dark days of lockdown. “I was by myself with my dog and didn’t see anyone for three months. It forced me to be still and quiet.”

She feels they were meant to be together: “I have the perspective that I would have met Aaron in any context, any space in time, because I feel we were meant to be together.”

Her moves for a healthy headspace. “One thing I really prioritize is sleep, and it has changed my life genuinely. Another is focusing on how I can nurture and help my self-talk. When I notice negative self-talk hap­pening, how I can sit with it and be friends with it instead of constantly feeling I’m in this rat race of not good enough, not this enough. Becoming a witness to it instead of a victim to it has also dramatically improved my health. Plus, I use astrology: It’s simply a tool to give ourselves permission, to accept ourselves and understand ourselves more. The minute I understand that I was built to think this way, instead of judging myself for it, I have acceptance for myself. It’s an allowance to have more self-compassion.”

This answers so many questions about Shailene: “I was raised by two psychologists, so empathy was a big deal in our household. Everything was about trying to understand everyone else’s experience. Not necessarily agreeing with it, but having empathy for whatever they were going through. From there, I looked at nature and the natural world the same way. I don’t want to save the ocean because my mind says it’s the right thing to do. I want to save the ocean because I can feel that she’s suffering. I can feel that turtle drowning from the plastic in its belly. I can feel the temperatures rising on the algae that is killing other species. For me, everything is based in feeling and emotion. I’m a progressive, and I want to change the world — I feel a responsibility to try to do everything I possibly can to make things feel a little better.”

[From Shape]

I had no idea that Shailene’s parents were both psychologists. That really does explain so much about her, that’s all I say! I actually like what she says about astrology too, that following astrology gives us permission and helps us know our nature and ourselves more. That’s a very healthy way of looking at it. There’s not much I can do about my neuroses or analytical nature – it’s simply who I am as a Virgo, it’s baked-in. As for what she says about Aaron and how they always would have fallen for each other in any context… lord, I don’t know. She’s a Scorpio, therefore she’s all about the DRAMA. She can’t help it, it’s baked-in.

Covers courtesy of Shape.

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