The Weeknd Debuts New Song ‘Scared To Live’ On ‘SNL’

The Weeknd Debuts New Song ‘Scared To Live’ On ‘SNL’

The Weeknd debuted a brand-new song, “Scared to Live” during his appearance on the late night show “Saturday Night Live.”

The singer was dressed in the same get-up as in the official music videos for the previously released singles from his forthcoming record, After Hours, complete with a cherry red suit-and-tie and a bloodied & bandaged nose.

This marked the singer’s third appearance on the widely celebrated music and skit show.

In addition to performing the new song and the single, “Blinding Lights” that was released earlier this year, the Weeknd also took part in the comedy sketch, “On the Couch,” in which he collaborated with SNL’s very own, Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd to create an R&B song about being in trouble with their significant other, leading to them “sleeping on the couch tonight,” as the chorus to the surprisingly catchy tune goes.

“Scared to Live” is yet to receive a worldwide release on streaming platforms.

After Hours is slated to drop on Saturday, March 20, 2020.

(Photo: Duncan Loudon)

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