Top 10 YouTubers Who Earn the Most Money Per Video in 2020 Revealed!

Top 10 YouTubers Who Earn the Most Money Per Video in 2020 Revealed!

YouTube can be hugely profitable!

The video platform features tons of different creators – from gamers, to vloggers to beauty gurus – and the top-performing accounts are actually bringing in tons of cash per video.

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The 2020 YouTube League compiled a list of the top money-makers per video on Friday (March 5).

Here’s how the ranking was determined: “We looked at the 50 most subscribed independently founded accounts on YouTube, excluding any that were created by already established celebrities, companies and brands, as well as any that were not in English and only included channels that were popular in English-speaking countries. All estimated earnings are taken from Influencer Marketing Hub’s YouTube Money Calculator, which estimates total earnings and potential earnings per video using a range of metrics including CPM (cost per thousand impressions), which is based on average views and number of subscribers.”

Wondering which YouTubers are pulling in the most cash, according to the data?

Click inside to see the YouTubers earning the most money per video…

10. James Charles

At nearly 17 million subscribers, beauty guru James Charles is bringing in an approximate $79,800 per video, with a total estimated earnings of $20 million.

9. Toys & Little Gaby

With an audience of over 15 million subscribers, kids toy video Toys & Little Gaby brings in an impressive $89,300 per video, and an estimated total of $27 million.

8. Collins Key

Comedy and DIY channel Collins Key plays to an audience of over 20.6 million, bringing in a whopping $120,900 per video and an estimated total earnings of $29 million.

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