Vanessa Feltz’s ex details her reaction when she found him cheating

Vanessa Feltz’s ex details her reaction when she found him cheating

Vanessa Feltz asks This Morning viewers for advice on heartbreak

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Vanessa Feltz, 60, confirmed her split from Phats and Small singer Ben Ofoedu, 50, last week amid claims he was unfaithful during their 16-year relationship. Ben has now admitted that he cheated on Vanessa multiple times, including sleeping with an older woman in Ibiza, sexting another and flirting with a third.

In his first interview since their highly-publicised breakup, Ben explained that the “last straw” came when Vanessa found suggestive messages on his phone on Christmas Day.

Ben explained that the woman was a fan on Instagram and what initially began as a friendship turned into flirtatious messages and her sending a nude photograph.

Opening up about Vanessa’s reaction when she discovered his betrayal, he told the Sunday Mirror: “She was shocked and hurt. She said she felt betrayed.

“She was going ‘How could you? Why would you? After what we’ve been through’.”

Ben insists that he “never had any intention” of meeting the Instagram fan, although she did attend one of his gigs.

Ben continued: “I initially made out I was sexting an ex – the first thing that came to mind. Vanessa was horrified.

“Then on the phone she made me tell her the truth. I told her it was a random. It was so embarrassing.

“I was ashamed that it was a random person. Someone who didn’t matter took down everything that we’d built over those years.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Ben admitted that he felt even more shame because his infidelity had hurt “so many people” including Vanessa’s daughters Allegra, 37, and Saskia, 34.

It was reported last week that Ben’s lover had sent messages to Allegra and Saskia alleging his behaviour.

Allegra told the Sun: “It was on Christmas Day, of all days. We were all together as a family, but Ben was away in pantomime, when the messages appeared via Instagram.

“Until that moment we were having a really lovely time, the children were having a lovely time, so for us to just receive that via a social media account was the most dreadful shock.

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“It was anonymous, and of course, it revealed lots that we didn’t know — but it was also very abusive and extremely hurtful.”

Vanessa confirmed their split last weekend, telling her social media fans that she was “extremely sad and disappointed”.

Later in the week, Vanessa gave an emotional interview to This Morning’s Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

The devastated star said she felt humiliated by Ben and asked viewers to call in with their advice for getting over a broken heart.


She also said that the messages from her supportive fans had been a source of comfort, adding: “It helps when people say you shouldn’t feel foolish for having faith in your own partner.

“You shouldn’t feel like you’ve done something stupid because you believed in somebody that you loved, that isn’t a ridiculous thing to do.”

Vanessa became engaged to Ben in 2006 and originally planned to marry the following year.

She was previously married to Michael Kurer, the father of her daughters, from 1983 until 2000.

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