Who owns the caravan on Gogglebox?

Who owns the caravan on Gogglebox?

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Gogglebox is a hilarious reality TV series on Channel 4 and fans admire the series for providing plenty of laughs. The series follows different families and friendship groups from across the UK as they catch up on some of the best-loved programmes on TV. Fans are keen to find out who owns the caravan on Gogglebox – is it Jenny Newby or her friend Lee Riley?

Who owns the caravan on Gogglebox?

Gogglebox provides viewers with a fly-on-the-wall look at how families across the UK spend their spare time catching up with the latest shows everyone is talking about.

The series gives fans insight into how the friendship groups and households live, and they have loved getting a glimpse at the different homes.

One of the iconic sets for the series is the caravan in Hull, in which best friends Jenny, 64, and Lee, 51, spend all of their time.

The friends are always winding each other up on the series and they have a special bond many of us could only ever dream of having.

The friends are quarantining together at the caravan in Sand le Mere and fans are curious to know which of the pair owns the caravan.

While some fans initially believed it was Jenny who owned the caravan, Lee shocked viewers by revealing he owned the caravan and he jokingly kicked her out in one episode.

Jenny had asked her best friend during lockdown: “Just think Lee, what you going to do when I go home? I’ll miss you when I go home. Have you bought me a leaving present?”

He replied: “Yeah. A f***ing suitcase.” The pair were allowed to isolate together for the series as they are one of the main pairs on the show and fans were keen to see them together again.

Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the news, as they were shocked to hear it was Lee’s home. One said: “I always assumed it was Jenny’s caravan!!

Only taken me 15 series’s to realise it’s Lee’s!!”

Channel 4 had confirmed most of the families live in the same home, but the ones that don’t have all complied with social distancing guidelines.

Fans have expressed their love for the friends on Twitter, with one saying: “Them two best mates in the caravan Jenny and Lee make me laugh all the time #Gogglebox.”

Another fan said: “I want to watch telly in the caravan with best friends, Jenny and Lee. They are my favourite #gogglebox couple.”

Many viewers thought Jenny and Lee lived together as they spend so much time together, but it has now been made clear Jenny has a home elsewhere.

Jenny has never revealed where she lives since the pair started featuring on the series, back in 2014.

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The best friends met over 20 years ago when Jenny was a pub landlady, and Lee was a frequent customer.

As fans will see the pair have been best friends ever since, and they made the gutsy decision to spend time in lockdown together.

The pair have been filming with a stationary camera as they are not allowed to let camera crews into the caravan due to social distancing rules.

Viewers were concerned they had not been following the rules, but Channel 4 explained they had chosen to isolate together so they could remain part of the show.

One fan said on Twitter: “Do Jenny and or Lee live in that caravan or do they just go on holiday a lot? Winking face with tongue #gogglebox.”

Another fan said: “I wonder how Jenny and Lee came to be living together in a caravan? #gogglebox”

Lee and Jenny have their own Twitter account and they shared an update which revealed they had been isolating together in Lee’s caravan.

They said: “Thank you for all the lovely tweets and love from you all, makes it all worthwhile isolating with Jenny JOKING.

“Hope you enjoyed the show big thanks to @Tanialalexander, the crew, the cast, stay safe stay healthy stay in #Gogglebox goodnight goggleboxers.”

Jenny lives with her husband Ray, but the exact location of her home is yet to be revealed.

Gogglebox airs on Channel 4 on Fridays at 9pm

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