41 years ago unemployment rose above three million

41 years ago unemployment rose above three million

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But Employment Secretary Norman Tebbit claimed the Tories’ economic policies were working and would lead to an improvement. Elsewhere, more than 40,000 British Telecom jobs were at risk amid competition from foreign firms.

50 years ago (1973)

The Paris Peace Accords ended the Vietnam War with Colonel William Nolde becoming the last American killed in combat.

In 1975 communist North Vietnam launched an offensive against the South, after which the two countries were reunited as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

27 years ago (1996)

Germany observed the first Holocaust Memorial Day to mark the genocide which resulted in the deaths of six million Jews and 11 million others by the Nazis.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day was inaugurated by the UN on January 27 2005, to mark the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps.

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