6.40pm Tottenham news LIVE: Dier fan set to be identified after ‘horrendous’ abuse, Mourinho ‘scared to watch shootout’ – The Sun

6.40pm Tottenham news LIVE: Dier fan set to be identified after ‘horrendous’ abuse, Mourinho ‘scared to watch shootout’ – The Sun

TOTTENHAM were knocked OUT of the FA Cup after being beaten by basement club Norwich City on penalties.

But the game was overshadowed by Eric Dier JUMPING into the crowd to confront a fan who had allegedly abused his brother in astonishing scenes.

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    Jonathan Walters was not impressed with Dele Alli in last night's game against Norwich.

    He said: “It's just terrible from Tottenham.

    “Dele Alli may as well not have been playing.”

    The England ace has failed to score in his last EIGHT games for Spurs.


    SunSport readers have given their backing to Eric Dier after the Tottenham star confronted a fan who abused his brother in Wednesday night's FA Cup defeat.

    We asked you what you made of the Spurs star, 26, storming into the stands to support his family and you responded in your thousands.

    Here's the results…


    The FA, alerted to the incident within minutes of it taking place on Wednesday evening, has now launched its investigation by contacting Spurs and Dier to ask for their observations, reports Martin Lipton.

    Wembley disciplinary beaks want to uncover both what was actually said and took place.

    They are also eager to understand the context leading to Dier’s decision to jump over the hoardings and confront the supporter.

    The FA will ask Spurs for any CCTV evidence and also statements the club has taken from fans, stewards and security staff, while also viewing social media footage that could shed more light on the incident.

    It is not expected that a decision on any potential charges will be rushed and Dier is unlikely to discover if he faces any action until next week.

    But it does seem probable that the Spurs man will be hit with a “non-standard” misconduct charge.


    The witness added: “It was really sad to see actually, he lost the plot, lost it, and I feel sorry for him. He actually had a good game, as well.

    “There was a Spurs fan who had obviously done something or said something, that’s who Eric Dier was after.

    “A Spurs fan then put his hands up and tried to get out of the ground and Dier just went after him and was going bananas.

    “As I said, I felt sorry for him. He lost it, completely lost it.

    “There were people holding him back, there were phones in his face, we’ve got videos, it’s all over social media.

    “He’s in big trouble now.”


    A Tottenham fan who witnessed Eric Dier's extraordinary row with a supporter claimed the England star “completely lost it” and was “like the Incredible Hulk.”

    He admitted he felt sorry for the England international and told talkSPORT: “We saw the whole Eric Dier incident right in front of us.

    “There were two guys who were fighting after the match, they were in the crowd pushing and trying to fight, and, I don’t know, but it looked like it could have been his brother – that’s what Mourinho said.

    “But then Eric Dier lost the plot, and the next thing you know he is bounding up the stairs.

    “There must have been about 20 fans trying to hold him back, he was like the Incredible Hulk.”

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