7 Best Selfie Lights 2021 | The Sun UK

7 Best Selfie Lights 2021 | The Sun UK

WE ALL know that to get the perfect selfie, flattering angles are crucial – and the best lighting is vital, which is why some celebs and influencers swear by on the super-flattering selfie light.

The products are a godsend to achieve the perfect social media post, especially on a grey day, or night, when the lighting isn't complimentary – which is why we've round-up the best selfies lights on the market right now for you up your social media game.

Whether you fancy yourself the next social media influencer, want to share recipe videos, or just plain old love a good selfie – there is a vast array of affordable selfie lights waiting to be snapped up.

Those who are going all out on their selfie light will likely want to splash out on a ring light with a stand, which is perfect for studio shoots, and creating your at-home lighting studio.

However, those who are always on the go will prefer the nifty, miniature-sized versions that can simply be clipped onto a phone, or tablet.

Whatever your need, look no further than our round-up of the best selfie lights on the market right now that suit a whole bunch of needs, and budgets.

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