A Home For Special Moments: Inside Ariana Grande’s $6.75 Million Tudor-Style Montecito Home

A Home For Special Moments: Inside Ariana Grande’s $6.75 Million Tudor-Style Montecito Home

Located amongst a neighborhood of the famous, the historic property holds a special significance for Grande. With a rich history and comforting ambiance, the Montecito home is the ideal place to wind down. Let’s take a look inside Ariana Grande’s $6.75 million Tudor-style home.

Rich History And Famous Sellers

Ariana Grande had always been a renter, leasing two expensive properties in Beverly Hills and Sherman Oaks. Her first purchase came in 2018 when she bought a Chelsea apartment for $16 million with her then-fiancé Pete Davidson. She has since sold the property to a mystery buyer.

A few weeks before making the Tudor-style home purchase, Grande had shelled out $13.7 million to buy a Hollywood Hills mansion, as stated by Screen Therapy. She later purchased the Montecito home from sellers Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi, who are known to purchase, renovate, and sell properties to different celebrities. The couple had purchased the home for $3.6 million in January 2020 and renovated it within a few months to put it on sale just in time for Grande to buy it.

Named The Porter House, the home is made of two separate barns built in Surrey, England, in the 1700s. These barns were deconstructed in Surrey and built back on the Montecito property as a single home. The two separate barns are linked with an orangery, a glass-enclosed space to maintain fruit trees and weather-sensitive plants.

Designed The English Way

The Tudor-style home is designed by taking inspiration from English roots. It is indicative of the period details that truly take people back to Surrey, England. The unique 5,550 sq. ft. home comes with two bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. As mentioned by House And Home, the master bedroom is located overlooking the second living room, while the master bathroom consists of a soaking tub with a picturesque view and dual vanities.

Ellen and Portia upgraded the two kitchens with a wooden finish and an elegant glass-fronted refrigerator. To add to the unique charm of the house, it features an octagonal library that has vintage casement windows. The home has exposed brick fireplaces and lofted wood-beam ceilings.

The additional amenities in the home include a large gym space, a three-car garage, a workshop, and a full basement. According to Architecture Digest, the area surrounding the house filled with lush gardens and trees and the brick terrace for outdoor dining was designed by Landscape Architect Tom Nelson. The large, mature trees shade the patio areas while the stone pathways lead guests to the separate barns adjoined together.

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A Special Home For Special Moments

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While the pop star was known for her highly publicized relationships with celebrities, she decided to keep her life with Dalton Gomez private after they began dating in 2020. A budding real estate broker, Gomez has always kept his life below the radar. She shook the world with her engagement announcement in December 2020 and shocked people further with her surprise wedding ceremony in May 2021.

When it came to hosting an intimate ceremony of not more than twenty people, Grande decided there was no better place to conduct the special moment than her Montecito home. The English décor of her home with brick fireplaces and exposed wooden beams made an elegant backdrop as the white flowers dangle from the beams to create an intimate atmosphere. The singer took Instagram to give a rare glimpse into her home with the pictures of the ceremony.

The Porter House is not only special for the décor and style but also for its famous neighbors. Montecito has become a favorite spot for stars to live in a quiet atmosphere. As reported by Dirt, some of Ariana’s notable neighbors include Gwyneth Paltrow, Meg Ryan, Rob Lowe, Oprah Winfrey, and Ellen DeGeneres.

Ariana Grande has a limited real estate portfolio; however, her properties are nothing short of extravagant. While her previously owned homes had a sleek and modern finishing, her recent purchase is contemporary and rustic. From living in a small Florida Home to buying mansions in Los Angeles, Ariana Grande has come a long way in Hollywood.

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