A strange man spooked me but my partner didn't rush to help

A strange man spooked me but my partner didn't rush to help

A strange man spooked me on a dog walk but my partner didn’t rush to my side – some say I’m being dramatic, but it’s making me question our relationship

  • A woman took to Mumsnet to say she was scared while walking her dog at night
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A woman has divided opinions online after accusing her partner of not ‘coming to her aid’ while she was out walking their dog.

The anonymous woman took to UK parenting site Mumsnet, to explain that while out walking their dog at night, she encountered a man ‘walking quickly’ towards her – which left her feeling scared.

She said when the man turned a corner, she FaceTimed her partner of 30 years for back up, but he chose to stay in and watch TV rather than come to her aid.

The mother said she couldn’t run or defend herself due to ‘Long Covid cardiac issues’, and so feared that the man could have strangled her with the dog lead.

A number of commenters sympathised with the woman, while others ridiculed her and even questioned if she was being too ‘dramatic.’ 

A woman took to Mumsnet to accuse her partner of not ‘coming to her aid’ while she was out walking their dog at  night (stock image) 

She wrote: ‘A couple of days ago I was walking our dog at dusk down a long country lane.’

‘I saw a man walking quickly my way and felt uneasy so stopped to keep an eye on him and FaceTimed my partner. I told him I felt scared.’

‘The man passed and eventually rounded a corner. I continued the walk and after a while felt he was out the way. Partner was watching TV at the time and didn’t offer to come out but asked our son to ride to me on his bike.’

‘Son said he didn’t want to. My partner didn’t tell him I was feeling nervous. I kept partner on FaceTime until I was back in our village.’

The woman explained that she felt ‘scared’ and ‘uneasy’ while out walking the family dog at ‘dusk’

‘I brought this up with him today, that I had felt vulnerable as I was in an isolated spot. I can’t run due to Long Covid cardiac issues and I said the man could have took the dog lead from me and used it to strangle me.’

‘Anyway I know I am probably being over anxious about the latter but I felt my partner of 30 years should have popped out to meet me.’

Someone replied: ‘Are you always this dramatic?’

‘You were in no danger’ said another, before adding: ‘What you thought was a threat was not. If you are an overly anxious person don’t walk down solitary country lanes at dusk!’

A third added: ‘I think you were being overly anxious. He was already on FaceTime to you so could see and hear you, by the time he got shoes on and walked to where you were, the man would have gone anyway. Or already strangled you with the dog lead’

A number of people ridiculed her and even questioned if she was being too ‘dramatic’

Another asked: ‘Do you always get this anxious when someone passes you on a path?’

Someone else said: ‘Come to your aid?? You weren’t in any danger.’ 

Meanwhile one person said they understood how the poster felt, and would be equally disappointed if their partner didn’t turn up. 

They wrote: ‘Unless there is a backstory where this happens a lot, I agree with you. It doesn’t matter if your partner thought you weren’t in danger or not, it should have been enough that you were feeling vulnerable and in need of help. I’d be very disappointed.’

However, others sympathised and said her partner’s actions would make them question the relationship 

And another agreed: ‘Something similar happened to me a few years ago and my husband was with me in minutes. It is important to be able to rely on your partner in these situations. I’d be upset in your shoes, too.’

One person branded the woman’s partner ‘useless’ and suggested she question the 30-year relationship.

‘What good is it being on FaceTime? Your partner could only watch,’ she said. ‘If that man had pulled on a balaclava and gloves what good would your useless partner have been? My husband would have come even if he thought it was a bit unnecessary. I’d be re-evaluating the relationship.’

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