Airbnb Might Soon Offer Crypto Payments

Airbnb Might Soon Offer Crypto Payments

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky asked users to provide suggestions on what they’d like to see the company launch in 2022, with most respondents asking for crypto payments.

In a series of tweets, Chesky asked users for advice on new initiatives or updates to existing features. On Tuesday, he noted that the top suggestion was allowing crypto payments, along with clear pricing displays, guest loyalty program, updated cleaning fees, more long-term stays and discounts and better customer service.

“Already working on most, will look into others now!” he added.

Crypto payments would refer to a “variety of token ideas,” he wrote. The company’s existing payments volume is $336 billion USD processed since 2013.

One user explained that crypto payments could help users in countries where international transactions in fiat currencies are blocked. Other users compared crypto’s disruption to the financial market with Airbnb’s disruption to the rental market, making them a natural fit.

Despite the pandemic, Airbnb’s Q3 2021 report showed positive profit growth as travel restrictions eased.

In other news, Airbnb recently listed the Italian villa from House of Gucci for a limited time.
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