Barry M Extreme Lip Plumper review: is this the sub £5 alternative to filler?

Barry M Extreme Lip Plumper review: is this the sub £5 alternative to filler?

FOR centuries, people have loved a juicy pout. From the days of Marilyn Monroe, to the Kardashian-golden age, it's one beauty trend that has never gone out of fashion.

But if, like me, your lips are average-size and you're just not sure about filler injections, then what's the next best thing? According to TikTok, Barry M Extreme Lip Plumper; specifically, the XXXL one. I decided it was time to put it to the test.

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  • Barry M XXXL Extreme Lip Plumper, £4.99 from LookFantastic – buy here


  • Starts working straight away
  • Noticeably fuller pout
  • Easy to apply
  • Less than a fiver
  • Smells delicious


  • Slightly painful and uncomfortable at first
  • Have to keep applying for long-lasting effects


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How does lip plumper work?

Lip plumpers basically work to make your lips swell by causing slight, safe irritation which triggers increased blood flow to the surface area.

Some lip plumpers specifically aim to cause redness and swelling, whereas others combine ingredients like peptides and hyaluronic acid to work on increasing the level of collagen in your lips for a plumper pout.

In short, it's a lip gloss which causes your lips to tingle and appear fuller.

Barry M Extreme Lip Plumper review: quick summary

Lip plumpers remind me of my first ever days of using make-up circa 2006 when cherry and strawberry-flavoured tingly glosses were popular.

Having not used one for a while since then, I was not expecting a lot from the Barry M Extreme Lip Plumper, because the ones I'd used previously hadn't been very effective.

The smell definitely stirred some Y2K memories as it smells strawberry-sweet, but the packaging of three chilli peppers and 'warning signs' does put you off a bit.

And they're all for good reason. It's a lot more tingly than your average lip plumper, to the extent that it's verging on painful and not something you'd want to wear everyday.

For results it's great, though. It does the job, leaving your lips glossy and slightly swollen for that plumped-up effect.

  • Barry M XXXL Extreme Lip Plumper, £4.99 from LookFantastic – buy here
  • Barry M Extreme Lip Plumper review: full review

    Let's start with the packaging. The tube is shiny, red and has lips with 'XXXL' written on it, so obviously I immediately had sky-high expectations.

    As the lid is attached to a brush like a lot of lip glosses, it's really easy to apply and the smell is deliciously sweet.

    When I first applied it, I was surprised at how tingly and sore it actually feels, which made me think it must be working its magic. Pain is gain, after all.

    Once you get used to the sensation, it's pretty manageable and the impact can be seen straight away.

    My lips definitely looked redder, in a slightly swollen way with a glossy finish – that's what you want from a lip plumper, right?

    Thanks to the combination of vitamin E, glycine soja oil, hyaluronic acid and other natural ingredients, it feels healthy on your lips despite the intense tingling. Mine felt really soft once it had worn off.

    My only niggle (aside from the major sensations that you get for five minutes) is that it doesn't last that long, so you have to reapply.

    When reapplying, it's not as sore, though, which is a plus.

  • Barry M XXXL Extreme Lip Plumper, £4.99 from LookFantastic – buy here
  • Is the Barry M Extreme Lip Plumper better than the rest?

    If you think lip plumpers are a myth then you're not using the right ones.

    I was definitely one of the lip-plumper-doubters prior to trying out the Barry M Extra Hot Extreme Lip Plumper.

    Others that made me doubt the magic included equally cheap options like E.L.F's Lip Plumping Gloss, and even Dior's more expensive offering.

    So, according to my personal experience, Barry M's Extreme Lip Plumper is the best for results.

    Where to buy the Barry M Extreme Lip Plumper

    It might have gone viral on TikTok, but the Barry M Extreme Lip Plumper is still available at a lot of stores which stock beauty products, from ASOS, to Superdrug.

    Check out the top places to shop Barry M's Extreme Lip Plumper below:

    • £4.99 from LookFantastic – buy here
    • £4.99 from ASOS – buy here
    • £4.99 from Superdrug – buy here
    • £5 from Boohoo – buy here

    Barry M Extreme Lip Plumper Review: the verdict

    I can't actually believe the Barry M Extreme Lip Plumper is less than a fiver, it's that good.

    Once you're through the 'extra hot' tingling, you can expect visual results but obviously, don't expect to look like you just stepped off the surgery table.

    For a quick fix to get a juicier pout, I definitely recommend trying out the Barry M Extra Hot Extreme Lip Plumper as the most effective one of the range.

    It'll work differently for everyone, but for me the results were very slight but definitely there.

    We just might not use it very much because it's a little bit sore at first. If you can hack the heat, what are you waiting for?

  • Barry M XXXL Extreme Lip Plumper, £4.99 from LookFantastic – buy here
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