Berghaus Paclite Peak & Finnan 2.0 review – mountain jackets that keep you warm and dry no matter how bad the storm gets

Berghaus Paclite Peak & Finnan 2.0 review – mountain jackets that keep you warm and dry no matter how bad the storm gets

There was no way we were going to outrun the storm.

Within minutes darkness had crept over the mountain and sheets of rain were fast approaching.

Exposed on a ridge in the Cairngorms we braced for the deluge and prayed there would be no lightning.

I adjusted the hood, tightened the wrist straps and plunged my hands deep inside the pockets.

The rain lashed down but my Berghaus Paclite Peak jacket kept me completely protected.

This super lightweight – only 340g – Gore-Tex shell is built to keep you warm and dry in the most extreme conditions, and it didn’t let me down when put to the test.

If you, like me, hate constantly stopping to change layers while hiking then this extremely breathable jacket could be just the ticket.

I wore it over two skinny base layers for the best part of the climb and regulated my temperature with the chest and pit zips – rather than endlessly changing mid-layers.

The rain finally ceased and we reached the top of the great Ben Macdui – Britain’s second highest mountain.

On the isolated Munro top a stinging side wind tore across us and it was finally time to layer up.

My Remote 35 daysack had a few choices but I instinctively pulled out one of my favourite pieces of kit.

The Finnan Reflect Down jacket not only looks sharp but is the perfect companion when it gets bone-chillingly cold.

Packed full of Hydrodown insulation it kept the bitter wind at bay and is ultra-light at just 500g.

It has kept me warm on snowy strolls, morning commutes and looks just as good on the hills as it does in the pub after a long day hiking.

The hood and lining are so soft you could fall asleep in it and it doesn’t rub against your face even if forced to spend hours tramping along, head down, sheltering from the elements.

As far as bang for your buck goes, Berghaus is more affordable than the high performance Arc'teryx brand but also generally a step up on its commercial rival The North Face.

I also like that, with a view to sustainability, Berghaus have run a free repair service on all of its kit pretty much since the day it was founded over 50 years ago in a shop in Newcastle.

So even if something does get damaged this kit will last you for years.

My gear more than stood up to the mountain storms and we made our way down without a scratch – and more than ready for that drink.

Berghaus Paclite Peak Jacket – £190 – 5/5

Berghaus Finnan Reflect Down Jacket – £200 – 5/5

Berghaus Remote 35 – £ 80 – 4/5

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