Billy Joe Saunders tells Canelo Alvarez to confirm May 2 world title showdown or ‘f*** off’ – The Sun

Billy Joe Saunders tells Canelo Alvarez to confirm May 2 world title showdown or ‘f*** off’ – The Sun

BILLY JOE SAUNDERS is the favourite to land the May 2 mega-money Canelo fight – but has told his bitter rival to hurry up or f*** off!

The WBO super-middleweight champ has a long-running feud with the four-weight Mexican superstar who has repeatedly vowed to deny him a life-changing payday.

But Canelo’s Cinco De Mayo Las Vegas showdown is just eight weeks away and the 30-year-old southpaw, or second favourite Callum Smith, need to know ASAP if they should be packing a suitcase.

Eddie Hearn, who promotes both, said: "I think Billy Joe is the front runner now but previously it was Callum Smith and it could change again tomorrow.

"It’s eight weeks on Saturday so it should be done this week but we have not received a contract for either fighter.

"Neither fighter has agreed terms, Canelo knows the terms for both guys but I am yet to receive a contract to say 'it is done'.

"Right now, Billy Joe is the favourite but three days ago it was Callum, there are different messages coming out from Canelo’s team and his promoter Golden Boy.

I want to know today or tell Canelo to f*** off

"Both fighters are standing by to see who gets the golden ticket but neither have set a deadline.

"Billy has been telling me for two weeks ‘I want to know today or tell Canelo to f*** off."

Canelo, 29, has hated Saunders ever since he crashed a June 2017 press conference before his first clash with Gennadiy Golovkin.

The Brit wind-up merchant has constantly teased the biggest name in world boxing over his ginger hair and 2018 doping bust.

As much as the Mexican would love to whack the Hatfield’s man, he has always refused to hand him a potential £7million purse.

But Hearn reckons Saunders will take a leap out of Tyson Fury's book and ramp up the abuse if Canelo has run out of options and is taking on the undefeated ace.

Hearn said: "Billy Joe and Callum and his lawyer have been messaging me every day, I have just been going to Canelo’s guys saying ‘this is what they want’.

"Whoever they choose, it will not be down to me pushing anyone, it will just be who they have chosen.

"I haven’t seen any kickback from the way Billy has spoken in the past but he will go for Canelo again, if he gets the fight and it will be entertaining.

"Billy cannot just get on the press conference stage and shake Canelo’s hand and bow down, he has to disrupt things like Tyson Fury did against Wladimir Klitschko."

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