Changing Rooms Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen in DIY overhaul with lavish home gin bar

Changing Rooms Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen in DIY overhaul with lavish home gin bar

Changing Rooms is back, and so is the one and only Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. Now the design guru has a new mission – encouraging us to fight off the cobwebs, find a new place for the lawnmower, and transform our sheds.

Laurence was given a timber shed to transform from woeful wood to an exquisitely elegant bar, which now features a fully stocked gin bar, LED lighting and sumptuous seating.

The design, commissioned by Craft Gin Club, the UK’s biggest gin subscription club, has been released with the original blueprints so people can bring the designer’s vision to life in their own gardens.

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In a video tour, Laurence shows off his one-of-a-kind gin bar, sharing his inspiration and the importance of having a designated space at home to entertain guests.

He said: “There are a dozen and one uses for an old shed – a pottery studio, a dance space, painting studio or perhaps a spectral portal through to Narnia.

“When you are making yourself a gin-otorium as I like to call it, it’s all about the decadence – a slightly sexy, slightly nightclubby sensation that you and I recognise as that first sip of gin and tonic.

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“It’s about indulgence and joy and somewhere where you can drink gin. My gin bar is a celebration of all that is luxe and indulgent.”

Inside, the 6ft x 4ft shed comes to life with pops of blues and yellow mosaic tiling, Laurence’s bespoke wallpaper, a large banana plant, astroturf floor and eye-catching optics holding a range of craft gins from independent distillers across the globe.

Outside, four yellow hanging Chinese lanterns, decking with two green velvet bar stools and plump patterned cushions finish the look for guests to relax and enjoy.

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“A typical 'out out' night for me would be going to an incredibly glamorous dinner party for the A-List celebrities and minor royalty, and then to be desperate to get home to my gin bar,” LLB laughs.

“As you can imagine as the hours tick by on a Friday afternoon, my thoughts are with my gin shed.

"I am literally longing to obey the call of the wild – or the call of the gin – and spend some time at the end of my garden.

“The advantages are very plain. For a start, I don’t have to queue for the loo and I’m hardly going to short measure myself am I?

The full furnished bar and a 12-month craft gin club subscription is available to win as part of a competition giveaway, open for entries from 26th August, 12pm BST. Visit @craftginclub for more details on how to enter.

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